Ultra-lite Fly Rod For Small Streams Review

Hi, I received my 6' 1 weight MaxCatch rod and I overlined it with a 2 wt Rio fly line that I already had spooled up. It casts with a single haul about 45' easily. I really like the avocado green color; the fit and finish of the rod is very good. I would recommend this rod highly. I purchased mine for $36 shipped and that is a steal. MaxCatch was even nice enough to throw in a free 1 wt line.
I ordered this rod after reading quite a few of the other reviews. I wanted to try a 2wt at a modest cost and this fit the bill very nicely. First of all it arrived a day ahead of schedule which is always nice. As soon as I received it I rigged it up and tried it in the yard. My first impression was that it cast very nicely and was extremely light. A couple of days later I was able to take it to the water to see how it was at catching fish. I only caught a couple but the rod performed very well and cast much better than I had anticipated. I can't wait to go back and give it a better test. In fact, I may order another one for my wife.
Ultra-lite Fly Rod For Small Streams Review
Nanthan S.
I was not paid for this review, so if you want an honest assessment of these rods read on:

The summer of 2016, I needed a quick budget solution to outfit a number of my family with lighter tackle to use on smaller streams - mostly streams in New Mexico and Oklahoma. I purchased 3 rods 2 X 7' 3WT and 1 X 7'6" 3WT. I used the rods in a number of conditions some from rocky, brushy conditions requiring a number of casting techniques. The rivers were the Lower Red River (NM), Rio Costilla (NM), Upper Red River, (NM), Coyote Creek (NM), Latir Creek (NM) & Lower Mountain Fork (OK). I'm a seasoned fly fisher using both Orvis and TFO gear..

I purchased all MaxCatch, Rod, Reel, Line, chest packs and fly boxes. The rods come with a tube and tie-able cloth rod pouch that fits in its host tube. The rods assemble using dots to line up guides, I found the dots to work well and the guides lined up nicely. Each section is marked with WT and Size so you can differentiate each section if, like me, you find the price point so irresistible that you buy three. I also liked that I could get everything on website and avoid the crowds of Cabellas, and high prices of Orvis.

The action on these rod are really good - if not better and similar for rods that sell for hundreds more.. Comparable to my Orvis Clearwater or TFO Lefty Kreh. For my experience the line glided effortlessly through the guides and the action of the rods provided a great feel on both back and forward casts. In fact I found that at times I could get as much energy than the afore mentioned rods. Given the brush on the banks and tight quarters of smaller streams, the setup gave me just the right finesse and power i needed to put flies in any pool, run and hole.

Customer Service: I had written a prior review about an issue with customer service. The quick back story is that my 3 rods were caught in a mishap with a power window and negligent driver who decided to roll windows up without looking and (yours truly) and "crack", 3 broken rod tips. This was a bit of a gut punch considering we had only hit 1 of the 4 streams we planned to fish.. After a quick field fix with some glue and rod tips that cost some loss in action and fod feel - I got busy working with MaxCatch customer service. They were extremely responsive through website. Unfortunately I was using my phone to communicate and think some of my explanations were lost in translation. I waited a couple of months before writing my initial review. Almost within the hour of that review, they promptly contacted me again and we figured out that my beloved iPhone hadn't sent pictures of the parts they needed which helped convey the parts I needed to replace.

Once MaxCatch understood I needed new tip-top sections, they allowed me to purchase new sections for $14 a piece. Compared to what some "lifetime guarantee" rods charge for replacement parts ($30-$50); this - yet again - was a complete BARGAIN!. I received the new parts about week from purchase, acceptable considering these were special order. The delivery of the parts came in a nice tube, reinforced with foam with each tip suspended in its own section of foam. The tube itself was wrapped in a foam tape adding to the protection of the parts. I was able to replace the tip-top sections and now have a full setup for small stream fishing using entire MC gear. See my reviews under their chest pack, fly box, fly line and reels.
Ultra-lite Fly Rod For Small Streams Review
Paul Cooper
Incredible for smaller streams this rod is excellent !
Very good product!
Ultra-lite Fly Rod For Small Streams Review
Ottima canna, a questo prezzo è impossibile trovare di meglio, piacevole nel lancio e con un ottima azione.
Provata in versione 7ft #3 e attendo la 7,6ft #3 e 6ft #1.
Big Fish!
Ultra-lite Fly Rod For Small Streams Review
Greg Charles
Love this rod and is 100% pure fun to fish with!

Everyone deserves to have as much fun as I have when fishing this rod!
Ultra-lite Fly Rod For Small Streams Review
Brandon Dale
Love this rod! I’ve used this rod several times, and it’s got a great action. Considering the price, this rod is certainly comparable to other more expensive 2/3wt rods. Hands down one of my favorites of my Max catch collection, as it cast dries and small nymphs like a dream. Feels great fighting fish on it, too. Would recommend anyone getting this!
Fantastic product, well made and very attractive looking rod. I purchased the 1weight version, absolutely brilliant, loads well and just the right size for fishing tiny streams.
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