5 Advice for Fly fishing for Smallmouth Bass

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5 Advice for Fly fishing for Smallmouth Bass

1. Cover as much water as possible
It’s important to cast with a single haul, return the fly to the water as soon as possible, don’t bring the fly all the time to the boat and start casting again and again, you would miss too much opportunities to catch a smallmouth bass.

2. Retrieve the fly through their strike zone
When you’re fly fishing for smallmouth bass, do not start at the edge directly, the better way is to work the fly directly off the shore. It’s really important if you want to turn your day in a profitable fishing day.

3. Guide your line properly
The rule is simple to avoid a sloppy line control : just guide with your thumb and your pointer finger, creating a circle with it and guiding the line no matter what can happened.

4. Rod tip should always be pointed down
Keep the rod tip near to the water, then it will increase your leverage capacity, you’ll absolutely need it. If you’re using a popper, just strip the line for popping

5. Use backcast
A standard overhand cast with one direction is enough, don’t forget to deliver and shoot the line on the backcast, to present the fly in the other

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