5 Essential Knots You Must Learn for Fly Fishing

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5 Essential Knots You Must Learn for Fly Fishing

Of course there is a plenty of different knots for fly fishing, you should know several of them at least, here we decided to build a list of the most common and useful knots that you have to know how to tie.
Here is some instructions to tie 5 of them, frequently used by many anglers:

1. The clinch knot

Used by a lot of anglers, when talking about some of the best knot the name of the clinch knot often appears.
How to do it :
- Pass the working end through the hook eye
- Wrap it 5 times around the standing line
- Pass it through the first loop
- Pull it and the standing line to the tighten
- Cut off excess tag end
- The knot is complete
Be careful and pull only the long end when you’re tightening it, otherwise the fly has a risk to pop off during your cast or when you got a fish on it.

2. The surgeon’s loop

How to tie a surgeon’s loop step by step:
- Double the tag end of the line, make a simple overhand knot in the double line 
- Hold the tag end and standing part of the line in your left hand and bring the loop around and insert through the overhand knot
- Hold the loop in your right hand. Hold the tag end and standing line in your left hand
- Moisten the knot in water and pull to tighten, trim tag end to about 1/8’

3. The blood knot

Not the easiest for sure, however by practicing and trying to tie it frequently, it will not be an hard task anymore, follow those following instructions :
- Wrap the red rope around the blue one 5 times
- Pass the red one through the central loop formed
- Wrap the blue rope around the red one
- Make 5 turns
- Pass the blue one through the central loop
- Pull the tag ends and the standing parts to tighten
- Cut off the tag ends
- The red and blue lines are now joined

4. The nail knot

Mostly used to attach the backing to the fly line and the fly line to the leader, the nail knot is one of the most frequently used fly fishing knot.
To tie it you have to :
- Have 10 inches of tag line hanging out of the U tip of the nail knot tool.
- Hook the tag end into the fork of the tool
- Wrap the tag end 5 to 8 times around the tool
- Slide the tag end through the U of the tool toward the tip.
- Approximately 8 inches of tag should be hanging out of the tip of the tool.
- Insert the fly line into the tip of the tool approximately an inch
- Quickly pull the tag and the wrapping off the tool.
- Dampen or lubricate the loose knot.
- Pull the tag and running line until knot is tight.
- Trim tag and stub of fly line.

5. Perfection loop

It looks difficult to tie it but actually it is going pretty fast and it is even easy.
How to tie it:
- Make a loop with the tag end
- Loop once more and bring the tag end to the middle of the 2 loops
- Pass the second loop through the first one
- Hold and pull in both directions to tighten
- Cut off excess tag end if any

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