5 Piece Fly Fishing Rod You Are Looking For

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 5 Piece Fly Fishing Rod You Are Looking For

Maybe you are considering about a 5 piece fly fishing rod but you have no idea about which one to choose? Maybe you should know something about our products. Today we are going to introduce a fly fishing rod, maybe it’s the one you are looking for. The 5 piece fly fishing rod is convenient to carry and the details are as follows.

The blank material of this fly fishing rod is fiberglass, the guide is made by hard chrome and the tube is durable cordura tube, all these designs made it durable and not fragile. The AA+ quality Portuguese cork grip makes it comfortable. And the 5 piece design is very nice for carrying or even traveling.

The color of this rod is orange, suitable to almost everyone. You can choose the rod according to your fly line weight, we have 3WT, 4WT, 5WT for you to choose from. It’s suitable for freshwater fishing, and catching sunfish, bluegill, panfish, trout is its advantages. 

We also published this fly fishing rod on ebay and the sales and feedback are good. We already have more than 56%sold and all the feedback is positive. Many people said the service is good and the shipping is very fast, and the product is awesome.

In a word, it’s a fly fishing rod well worth considering. If you are going 

fishing a little far, you can take this. You deserve a five piece rod for your fly fishing time. You can click our website to know more high quality products about fly fishing.

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