5 Top Fly Fishing Magazines

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5 Top Fly Fishing Magazines

You can't be passionate about fly fishing and not care about the top fly fishing magazines because passion and information go hand in hand. Mixing your hobby with a little bit of light reading can fill you in on the latest developments in fly fishing, and even provide a few helpful tips you didn't know you needed. And depending on how interested you are in competing, the top fly fishing magazines and fly fishing journals will usually contain the latest information on available competitions, including their entry deadlines.         

Best Fly Fishing Magazines      

Beware that most of these magazines now have online versions which can be completely free, but would generally contain fewer articles than you'd get from the hard copy. Without further ado, here are some magazines for fly fishing you should consider subscribing to.         

1. American Angler      

First published in 1978 under the name "Fly Tyer", the American Angler has been dubbed the authority on fly fishing, and with approximately 35,000 fishermen in circulation, this seems about right. The magazine is written by both experts and ordinary fishermen, with information about everything from best fly fishing region, fish species (and images) to techniques. How-tos are also provided for amateurs, so if you're looking for one of the top fly fishing magazines out there, it won't get any better than this.         

2. Fly Fisherman Magazine

Also a leading fly fishing magazine, the Fly fisherman has been known to interview famous author in the fly fishing sports like Dave Whitlock and Lefty Kreh. This magazine has a wide coverage that isn't limited to the US, so you can learn about the latest exotic destinations, as well as local sweet spots. Learn new flying patterns, plus tips written to appeal to readers of different skill levels.         

3. The Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine      

With publications starting in the spring of 2005, Eastern fly fishing magazine isn't as old as the first two, but it's just as relevant, particularly in the region it covers because it's been able to discover previously unknown fly fishing havens that would have otherwise remained undiscovered. At least for a longer time. Articles feature stellar works by award winning writers, with vividly captured images that accurately portray the lay of the "land" (or water in this case). 

4. Drake Magazine      

Is the print version of drakemag.com. Ironically, their goal is to provide just enough information to intrigue their readers, without providing any "spoilers". According to them, most of the top fly fishing magazines stifle creativity by providing answers to every single thing, and serious fly fishers prefer a little bit more challenge.         

5. Catch Magazine      

Focuses primarily on providing illustrative visuals and top notch fly fishing photography. Really brilliant photography. They make you fall in love with your hobby even when you're far from any water body.   Catch magazine is the brainchild of Brian O'Keefe, and together with his team, he's succeeded in making fly fishing visual.      

Even though much of their online publication is locked, there's still some free content to help you decide if they're worth your cash. Let us know which of the top fly fishing magazines you prefer.

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