7 Advice to Practice Tenkara Fly Fishing

7 Advice to Practice Tenkara Fly Fishing

Tenkara Fly fishing is a really different kind of fly fishing, all the anglers that practice it regularly can approved. If you know fly fishing doesn’t mean that you know Tenkara fly fishing, rules and basis are different, new skills are requested, it’s a new start for any angler and patience is a key.

1.   Take lessons or find an experienced tenkara fly fishing angler who can teach you
If you want to start Tenkara fly fishing this first point is very important to know first how to set up a tenkara rod, and a mentor can also give you advice to learn more about fish behavior, the place they like to hide or even to show you some skills that you have to do to pull a fish out of water.

2.   Practice tenkara fly fishing regularly
Regularity is the key if you want to learn fast, you have to fail first cause that’s not an easy job, more you will fail faster, more you will learn faster. It’s really important to be patient and be ready to never give up, by practicing more and more with the time, then you’ll succeed.

3.   Choose wisely your tenkara fly fishing three knots
First knot : the knot that you use to tie your line to the rod.
Second knot : the knot that you use to tie the tippet to the line.
Third knot : the knot that you use to tie your fly to the tippet.
It’s important to make the right choice taking into account what you really need, adapted to you and ones that you can easily remember.

4.   Choose wisely your line
To practice tenkara fly fishing it is well recommended to choose an high visibility line, Important to keep a good view through water, choose a line which is very sensitive to strike too, especially if you’re a beginner and want to learn about detecting fish strikes faster as possible.
Use a short line is also recommended, the purpose is to facilitate your cast.
5.   Learn fish behavior
Detect the best spots where fish are most of the time, often place where they can hide from potential predators.

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