A Beginner's Guide - and why I always recommend a waterproof waist pack fly fishing!

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A Beginner's Guide - and why I always recommend a waterproof waist pack fly fishing!

With around 60 million anglers in the US alone,most outdoor sports fans will know that fly fishing is an angling sport where an artificial fly is used as bait. There is a great deal of kit specific to fly fishing; one of the most important factors to ensure you enjoy fishing in comfort is to make sure you are wearing the right gear!

This article is an introduction to the sport of fly fishing, with some hints and tips I hope you find useful to get you started.

Essential fly fishing gear for Fly Fishing

Waterproof kit is essential, so as well as your fly rod and reel always bring the right clothing including waders, boots, a sun hat, and a waterproof waist pack fly fishing. Packing well can be a challenge, as can making sure you have all your fly fishing equipment easily to hand, so a waterproof waist pack is one of the number one items on a fly fisherman's clothing list, along with waders and boots. 

What gear to wear?

One of the pieces of kit which I always recommend is a waterproof waist pack fly fishing. There are a variety of options available for fly fishing, such as sling packs, hip packs and backpacks. I prefer a waist pack, since everything is available within easy grasp, there is no need to reach behind or try to remove a backpack to find anything - which is particularly tricky in fast moving water! Waistpacks fit nicely over my usual fishing clothing without straining my back and give an even weight balance across the shoulders so are comfortable for a long day's fishing. Dependant on the weather, whilst I would always suggest a waterproof waist pack, you can select a lighter layer waist pack or an insulated pack to retain warmth in colder conditions. Waist packs work well in inclement weather too; I tend to have a slightly larger size waist pack which can fit easily over a thermal under layer on colder days. 

What should you look for in your waterproof waist pack?

Choosing gear can be daunting, with so many options available. Fear not; there are a few key elements that will make a difference to your fishing:

-Durability; making sure your waist pack is made from a tough and long-lasting fabric

-Space; having enough room for all your tools, bait and kit

-Water bottle compartment 

-Straps to lash down any extra gear you take off, or would like to have to hand

-Lash points or loops to attach any extra items to

-Took docking stations to be able to easily store and find each tool

-Waterproof material and zips

-Good number of storage pockets and dividers to keep everything neat and easily accessible


What should you be prepared to pay for your fly fishing waist pack? Well that is very much dependant on the location you wish to fish, and your experience level. For a beginner, there isn't a need to break the bank with investing in expensive waist packs - unless of course you wish to! - but there are plenty of options on the market available that are suitable for first time fly fishermen. If you inevitably find yourself hooked there is always the option of upgrading your equipment as you establish your own preferences. 

What to pack

Every fly fisherman will have their own preferred kit, often depending on where you fish; saltwater and freshwater fly fishing use slightly different methods and knowing what sort of fishing you plan to do will help select the right waist pack for your sport. Here are some of the essentials:

-Fly rod, fly reel and fly line

-Flies, flies, and more flies! You can never have enough bait, but you can run out!

-Tippet (plus some spare), tippet rings

-Waterproof clothes, waders and boots

-License as required

-Landing net 

-Sunglasses and sun hat 

-Snips and hemostats

- always handy to make sure you retrieve your fly from a fish's mouth

-Water bottle

-Sun hat

-Insect repellent

How to select the right waterproof waist pack fly fishingfor you

Many fly fishers prefer a camouflage clothing style - whilst camo might not seem immediately obvious for fly fishing, blending in with your background is important as it makes the fly fisher less visible to the fish and avoids scaring them off! Choosing a camo waist pack for your fly fishing means you remain as stealthy as possible, whilst the waterproof fabric keeps you dry and your tackle quickly to hand.

Waterproof fabric is also crucial; whilst it might sound obvious, it is common for fly fishermen in warmer climates not to always opt for a waterproof waist pack due to the higher temperatures. Be mindful that the temperature of water can change dramatically throughout the day, so whilst a cool river might be welcome at midday, as the day goes on and the water cools making sure you are wearing waterproof gear avoids sudden drops in temperature cutting your fly fishing trip short.

Fit is equally important; most fly fishermen prefer a waist pack with a wide adjustable belt, with sturdy closures to make sure your clothing fits comfortably.

Tips for beginner fly fishers

If you are new to fly fishing, please don't feel daunted - many local fly shops offer classes and can help select the right equipment! Classes can include from fly fishing bait selection, knot tying, casting techniques and advice about gear and kit to bring.

Choosing your rod and reel setup is also going to be one of the first choices to make for your initial fly fishing trips; there are lots of options out there and different sizes of rod so seek some advice from a stockist to check what would be most suitable for you.

There are also lots of instructional fly fishing videos available to get you started; casting can take practise to get right but watching some videos can help show you different methods to use and give a good grounding to get started. 

Now you have your gear sorted, get out there and enjoy your next fishing adventure; good luck!

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