A Complete Guide to Olive Fly Fishing

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A Complete Guide to Olive Fly Fishing

All fly fishing fans know that May is the month for fishing. Mayflies, olives, caenis, and terrestrials can be found in May. Olive fly fishing to peak in May.

There are two types of Olives the Lake Olive Cloeon and the Pond Olive Cloeon. Pond Olive Cloeon is likely to be found in shallow waters, ponds, and tarns. The Lake Olive Cleoeon is found in larger lakes and reservoirs and deeper waters.

Since both types of fish are similar in appearance and living conditions, they come under the term 'olive.' 

How to Identify an Olive Fish

They are usually brown in color, and mature lymph olives are 10-12 mm long and slender. They have heavily fringed tails, which contribute to their breakneck speed. They are also known as agile darters because of their amazing swimming characteristics. Also, the olives need to rest after a short burst of swimming. Wet and windy conditions see the densest hatch in olives. The windy conditions aid in the newly hatched olives takes flight sooner. 

How to Fly Fish Olives

Crosswinds have a more natural impact on the drift of the flies. Starting with two nymphs positioned 5 feet to 14 feet apart. After casting out, allow the flies some time to settle, giving a little pause to mimic the nymph's progress. The line will tighten if there's any motion, and you need to pay extra attention at this time.

After the hatching starts, you might want to consider moving to a dry fly. If 30 minutes or more pass and there is no activity, it is better to move or change places since the trout might ignore the preferred nymphs. It is also a good idea to study the rise forms of olives. Try 2 lightweight nymphs for the times when the trout bulge just beneath the surface.

Seasonal Hatches

The olives begin to appear in May with increased activity in early June. In the summer, the hatches usually consist of sparser light-colored and smaller hatches. Autumn then sees the last fling of olives before winter, but they usually end the season on a high note. If the weather gets a little cold during spring, it can affect the hatches of olive so try to wait until 2 pm before heading out for going olive fly fishing. 

Similarly, in the case of extreme heat, the hatches can be affected. So it is better to go early in the morning or in the evening if you plan to catch some olives and enjoy your time fly fishing!

The lifecycle of an Olive

First, the nymph swims towards the surface and then emerges through the surface film. Newly adults try to take flight, and females return to lay eggs. The female Pond Olive Cloeon lay eggs inside the female, and tiny larvae are released.

This was essential and the most comprehensive guide to olives for those who love fly fishing! If you found this article helpful, do check our website www.maxcatchfishing.com for more details on olive fly fishing.

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