Agreeable Autumn Fly Fishing

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Agreeable Autumn Fly Fishing

Between hot summer and cold winter, you can absolutely enjoy an agreeable autumn fly fishing trip due to its autumn-like weather and dramatically reduced pressure caused by a fall in the number of fishing anglers. Well, please wait a moment before you make a rush to pick up your fly fishing gears, because you need to keep some tips in mind even it’s in fall. Are you ready to take some notes for your fly fishing in autumn? There we go.

Enjoy the terrestrial fly fishing time in autumn

In early autumn, some aggressive top-water fish feed on not only caddies and mayflies, but also beetles and grasshoppers, with which anglers usually associate burning hot summer fly fishing. Add the varieties of your fly fishing flies because it’s the best terrestrial fly fishing time of the year in late September and early October.

Apply summer schedules for your early autumn fly fishing

In autumn, with leaves slowly turned yellow or brown and fallen from trees, you can feel the chillness that starts to creep up on you. While in early autumn, the water temperatures don’t change dramatically, which means summer fly fishing schedules, that is, early morning and late evening, is still your best time choice in early fall.

Use alive flies for fall fly fishing

As we noted before about autumn, the water blanketed with fallen leaves can be a natural barrier for fish to spot the food you prepare for them. Well, bugs move while leaves don’t, which means you can breathe some life into your flies, such as alive beetles and mayflies. 

In short, autumn is definitely a pleasant season for fly fishing and you can’t miss this period of time as a fly fishing angler. Well, wish you can enjoy the pleasure of the full in your autumn fly fishing!

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