Aluminum fly fishing prams

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Aluminum fly fishing prams

Ever had a fly fishing experience in an unstable boat, which left you with butterflies throughout the entire activity? Or maybe you went fishing in a small casting area and your big boat couldn't make the event successful? Its time you got a pram, specifically an aluminum-made pram. The society of naval engineers defines a pram as the most stable small boat that has been designed by engineers to this date. Its super stability makes it the first priority for fly fishers. Besides, its small size allows for efficient use of space, even when compared to a skiff of the same size. 

Why a fly fishing pram?

The key reason why you'd prefer a pram for all your fly fishing activities is stability. It uses its flat surface to evenly distribute weight over a large surface. This is unlike other small boat designs. 

Second, to the proven stability factor, the interior of prams is designed to be friendly to the fly line. This means that all the interior parts including the floatation compartments, seat pedestals, and other parts are made in a way that allows you to lay a fly line on the floor of the boat.

What more is that you can easily get the fly line off the base of the pram without having it getting stuck on anything. 

Benefits of the aluminum fly fishing pram

Prams are made of different materials- wood, steel, silver, etc, but an aluminum-made pram beats them all based on the following criteria:

- Toughness

Looking for a pram that can withstand tough conditions? Look no further; this aluminum equipment is the way to go. Since ages, aluminum is known for its ability to resist tough conditions that mere fiberglass cannot survive. Fiberglass could break in such circumstances but aluminum will barely get a mark. 

The ductility of aluminum is like that of steel. Even with permanent deformation, your pram will get away without rupture. In fact, aluminum is better than steel because when it comes to ductility, it has greater potential to absorb the energy of a strong impact from a distance thus preventing damage and rupture. 

As for impacts on exposure to harsh weather conditions, aluminum is still king of all metals. It is not affected by the sun's ultraviolet rays, neither is it affected by heavy rains. There is no instance when your pram will tear and wear due to weather. 

If your fly fishing is to take place in shallow waters, or rocky beaches, or demanding weather states, the aluminum pram is the best option. It could well be termed as carefree equipment that requires just minimal maintenance.

- Light-weight 

Another very significant benefit of an aluminum pram is lightweight. The average weight of aluminum per cm3 is 2.7grams. Compared to steel boats/prams, aluminum prams are 50% less heavy. 

The light-weight comes with many advantages, a major one being high speed. You'll be able to navigate through the water much quicker than you would when using other prams. Besides, you can make quick turns when you like and get to a location with potential for a better catch. 

Handling of the pram ashore becomes easier with less weight. And in the event that you want to transport your pram from one place to another, the lightness is something you'll be thankful about. 

Sure enough, you also want to save on fuel. This pram, due to its weight, has low fuel consumption. You'll not only be in for the great performance but also saving money while making more money. 


Did you know that stability is brought about by weight and strength? The high strength and low weight of aluminum results in a perfect ration that results in great stability. Even when the sea conditions change, you can be sure of safety using an aluminum pram. Also, when there's a long distance to get to the shore or maybe you need emergency assistance, riding through stable equipment assures safety. Aluminum stability has seen many engineering companies include aluminum in almost every equipment, irrespective of whether its primarily made of steel, copper, or other material. 

- Low maintenance

Did you know that painting is not a necessity for aluminum? If you have an aluminum pram, you'll save on painting costs, as well as other costs relating to damage by weather, rocks, or strong forces. The material is less vulnerable to tiny imperfections such as scratches and is resistant to corrosion and osmosis. Make sure you select proper material and follow proper insulation procedures for your pram to avoid corrosion that is caused by improper alloys. 

- Easy reparability

Any pram can be repaired, but an aluminum pram can be repaired more easily. With just a hammer pound, you can repair any dents on your pram. In case you feel that a dent is too big or you just want a new look, you can cut off the dented section of the aluminum plate and replace it with a new piece. 

- Durability/lifespan

Of all prams, aluminum prams have the longest durability. A well-made aluminum pram can serve you as long as 40 years, with only little but regular maintenance. The long lifespan may be attributed to the high strength of the material and high resistance to corrosion. Therefore, these prams have long service and maintain their value so you can resell your aluminum pram after years at pretty good resale value. The oldest and still exiting and the functional aluminum boat was made in 1936. 

- Environmental influence 

Don't overlook the fact that aluminum is recyclable and therefore environmental friendly. Don't stress over where to dump your old or damaged parts of the pram. Rather, get in touch with a recycler or their agents and let them do their thing. 

Bottom line

The reasons for choosing an aluminum fly fishing pram are at the ends of your fingertips. Both physical and online stores have a variety of high-quality aluminum prams. Get the finest selection today and enjoy the benefits. You'll also have a lot of fun using them and great achievements in terms of fish catch.

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