Angel Fire fly fishing

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Angel Fire fly fishing

If you are planning for a fishing vacation that doesn't share your consuming lust for fly fishing, Angel Fire is the best choice you can make. Located in the northeast region of New Mexico, Angel Fire is full of fishing resources. The beautiful streams and lakes in the region are a perfect opportunity for every fly fisher to cast their fly line and emerge with a variety of fish. The region offers no shortage of fly fishing activities to both beginners and advanced anglers. The lucky ones get away with large size fish. 
What fish are you likely to find in Angel Fire?
Although there are countless varieties of fish in the waters of this area, the trout and salmon form the greatest percentage of them all. In fact, they are the major species that attract anglers into this region. In lakes, the sizes of fish get up to 20 inches, while the fish in streams is up to 14 inches. 
Best time to fly fish
Virtually, you can fly fish all year round. However, local anglers say that the best fishing time is during spring especially if you are targeting trout. The abundant stoneflies hatch during this time light up fly fishing in Angel Fire. Note the words the best time, not the only time. 
Fly fishing spots in Angel Fire 
When you hear of angle Fire, many images come into your mind. The area has a few locations that rank among the best in northeast Mexico for fly fishing. There are well-organized fishing communities and clubs that never cease to grow in popularity. And because fly fishing in Angel Fire is definitely about of determining the right spots, we have sampled the best locations for you: Monte Verde Lake, Eagle Nest Lake, Cimarron River, and Carson National Forest
-  Monte Verde lake
Located in Angel Fire Resort, this is a private lake that relaxing entertainment at quite low prices. It charges for fishing activities for non-members/guests- adults pay a fee of $25. The lake has plenty of trout and salmon. You'll find nice sized kokanee salmon and rainbow trout. You don't need to carry your bulky chest pack full of fly fishing tools; the resort offers a great variety of fly fishing tools that you can rent. Fishing boats/paddles rent at $35, while fly fishing rods rent at $15, hourly charges. Make reservations and enjoy your fishing day at the lake.
-  Eagle Nest Lake
Eagle Nest Lake is located in Eagle Nest Park, a park that is a popular attraction to anglers and sightseers. The lake occupies the better part of the park, resting on a 2,200-acre land. The mountains of Moreno Valley surround the lake, giving it an even more reason to be attractive. Popular fish species found here include salmon and trout. Other species include kokanee salmon, yellow perch, rainbow trout, northern pike, and the carp. Grown fish in this lake are fairly 15 to 20 inches. Fly fishing is usually at its best during summer. During cooler months, when the ice is fairly thick to walk on, you can get some really good catch. You may opt to fish from the shore or if you want to explore the lake, you can launch your boat at the state park. 
-  Cimarron River
Cool and exciting, the Cimarron River is a high mountain river that is home to the special species of trout- the brown and the rainbow trout. These species have quite a good cover, making the river an accurate premium casting option. There are particular sections of the river that have been designated for fly fishing, but you can fly fish in other parts without limitation. The river has two tributaries: Tolby Creek and Clear Creek which also give you a chance to cast your lure and get home with a nice trout meal. Good dry fly fishing (using caddis, stoneflies, duns, and hoppers) goes on during all seasons although the river comes into its glory during summer. 
-  Carson national forest
The forest covers 1.5 million acres, forming a perfect site for nature lovers. Not just for sightseers, fly fishers have every reason to smile at the abundant fishing opportunities provided by the numerous streams, ponds, and lakes in this forest. Vale Vidal, a lush mountain basin, is the most productive part of the forest, offering productive fishing of several types of large fish and more than 15-inch rainbow trout. Some of the favorite fly fishing lakes in this forest include Middle Fork Lake, Horseshoe Lake, and Lost Lake. Streams include Columbine Creek, Comanche Creek, and Rio Hondo. Fishing is carried on all year round although the best time to fish for the brown trout here is during the fall when the water clears. If you want to experience fishing in a variety of waters around the same region, Carson National Forest is the spot. 
Important considerations
Before you think of carrying your fly reel and hook into the waters of Angel Fire, you must have a fishing license from New Mexico. You can buy the license online from the website of the New Mexico game and fish department. There are also vendors throughout the whole state that sell the fishing license. However, to avoid purchasing from false vendors, visit the internet and look for the websites that have compiled the list of permitted license vendors. 
The only single exception is Monte Verde Lake, which is privately owned. You can purchase fishing permits at the Monte Verde Resort. The fishing permits are sold according to ages. The permit cost is lower for children between 7 and 12 years and seniors above 65 years. For people between ages 13 and 65, the cost of the fishing permit is moderately high. 
When fishing in lakes, be keen on the weather conditions. During the monsoon season, lightning is quite common in Angel Fire. If you happen to hear any thunder or lightning, don't hesitate to return to the shore. Also, in case the weather is too windy, it could make boating difficult and dangerous, so return to the shore immediately.
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