Bechler River Fly Fishing Guide

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Bechler River Fly Fishing Guide

Whoever said good things come to those who wait clearly never tried Bechler river fly fishing. Located in the remote part of the south-western Yellowstone park, the Bechler river is often missed by the most unenthused, who can't be bothered to take the several miles hike needed to get to it.

Good things also come in small packages, and Bechler river fly fishing is prime example that - with its trout fish population averaging 10 inches. What they lack in size, they make up for in quantity, because as one of the lesser fished streams, the Bechler river is prime location for bountiful trout harvest. Amateur anglers would have much better luck here. 

Just because there's a healthy trout population here doesn't mean they'll serve themselves on a platter. In fact the ever elusive (sometimes 20") rainbow trout found here will get spooked at the slightest disturbance. So dipping your toe to test the water temperature isn't even allowed, much less waddling in the water to get a better aim. If your Bechler river fly fishing plans aren't too ambitious, give the brown hoppers ago, so you don't hike back without a Bechler trophy to show for it. 

Bechler River Terain 

It's already been established that you'll need to hike up to and from the Bechler stream, which isn't especially fun. Fortunately, the terrain's relatively flat, with no rocks in sight - save for the view. The Bechler meadow's more known for its tall grass and willows with smooth flowing water, so aiming your fly while fly fishing in the Bechler river can be a chore. Depending on where you're hiking from, the cascading waterfalls can create a view that'll be worth your hike. 

The extremely clear waters of the Bechler river means there'll be more casting and sight fishing, since you can't afford to spook your prey - you're not their first rodeo, they know how to run, so your game needs to be on point. 

Best Time for Bechler River Fly Fishing 

Ideally, you'll want to go during the summer - July and August. Unfortunately, that's also peak tourist season, and anglers have taken to going Bechler river fly fishing in groups despite the otherwise remote nature of the river. Keep in mind that summer's ideal for fly fishing because insects/fish food is bountiful - so come with as many insect repellants as you can. 

Putting your trip off till September or October will be a gamble, as the weather tends to be unpredictable, and fishes get spookier - it might not be worth it trying to fishing while clearing specks of snow from your vision. 

Bechler River Fly Fishing Regulations 

If this isn't your first rodeo, then you're familiar with yellowstones National park's fishing regulations. They're pretty straightforward. Every angler must get a permit. Native cutthroats have a strict catch and release policy so they won't go extinct. If you plan on camping near the river, you'll also need a camping permit, in addition to the fishing one. 

Once you're in compliance with the basic rules, all other fishes are fair game, and usually have no limits. What are you waiting for?

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