Best Fly Fishing Tackle Box of 2020

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Best Fly Fishing Tackle Box of 2020

Whether you want to upgrade your tackle box or just start with fly fishing, a fly fishing box is a great way to get organized. After this pandemic, we have seen a lot of anglers in the shops gearing up for the tying season. However, investing in the best fly fishing tackle box can be daunting as there are hundreds of incredible looking options for the buyers. If you are an avid fly fisher, then it will never feel like you can have enough tackle boxes. Although deciding on a tackle box is purely subjective, we wanted you to look at our top picks below which will make your fishing experience fun, easier, and efficient.


Made of hard polycarbonate plastic shell with silicone inserts and magnetic closure, this is the best fly fishing tackle box you can opt for. This box comes with a high capacity without adding any extra bulk. The magnetic closure makes it durable and easier to handle. It holds several flies in a variety of sizes and the foam slots at either side of the central page will easily secure a small streamer hook.

However, you need to be careful if you put in only taller flies. If not organized properly, the taller flies will be pressed against each other and damage its wings and hackles. Overall, it's a nice looking robust box that you can buy without any guessing.


Maxcatch fly box is known for its safety. We tried to provide a safe environment for your flies so that they can be alive as long as possible.

Now we have six products in the fly fishing box category which range from pocket to large size, different sizes could give our customers different choices. Especially for the traveler fly fishing lovers, they can put the plastic box inside their pocket, or choose a large wooden box to put on the trunk of their car which is perfect for those long weekend trips. Besides, slim plastic boxes that are ideal for a brief morning excursion to your local lake.

What's more important, we attach the 1-year warranty to all of our fly boxes. So don’t worry about the quality of them, we can offer you all the parts that need to be replaced.


C&F is known for making high-quality waterproof fly boxes. Although they are slightly on the higher side in terms of price, you are sure that you get a spacious all-round nymph box that stays with you for several years to come. Made of premium hard plastic with a ribbed texture, a better grip, and a solid hinge for closing and opening motion, it is extremely durable and will have no problems whatsoever.

You can realistically store everything you need in a day in this box as there are over 40 rows that can accommodate over 900 flies. The boxes come in different configurations but are pretty similar in design. There's a basic model as well, but we suggest you put in some extra bucks for the waterproof model.


Flambeau brings you advance fly box options that are equally durable and effective. Just like C&F, they have various configurations, but their exciting Blue Ribbon Series is literally the cream of the crop. Waterproof and designed to last, they have ripple foam on one side and 12 large compartments on the opposite side that hold the flies pretty tight, The box boasts a great look and features a hinged system with removable dividers.

The exterior latch is used to close the box and works well with the exterior hinge and rubber bumper to prevent the box from sliding while riding in your vehicle or boat. To summarize, it's an amazing box with great value and comes in multiple shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

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