Best Predator Fly Fishing Tips

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Best Predator Fly Fishing Tips

Predator fly fishing has always been the peak of fishing for two reasons: first, no self-respecting fisherman is going to be contented with hunting small fishes for the rest of his life. Secondly, because the unmatched speed and guile of the most predatory fish presents a challenge almost no fisherman can resist. And unless you're prepared, these predators will outsmart you. If you're up for the ultimate face-off against the ocean's beast of prey, here's what you need to know about upping your predator fly fishing game. 

Best Waters for Predator Fly Fishing     

Common sense dictates that large predator fishes aren't going to be found in your run-off-the-mill pond. And if you're hoping to catch anything at all, you'll need a rather considerable vessel to carry your "most likely to weigh" 40-pound game back to the shore. None of this will work on a small water body, so the smallest water body you should be considering is a lake. Ensure you follow the water rules, and that you have your permit because most waters that allow predator fly fishing require one.    

To up your chances of catching something when fly fishing predators, make sure you learn their behaviors - this will help you understand why they prefer certain areas over others, thus narrowing down your search so you don't cast your rod in any direction and cross your fingers hoping you get lucky. Know your water bodies, so you don't get intimidated by the sheer amount of it. For example, understanding currents can help you know where trouts might be hiding. Plus knowing that beneath all their predatory bravado, trouts prefer hiding beneath vegetations and rocks, can help you narrow down your fishing spots.         

Best Time to Fly Fish Predators   

 The clearer the water, the better your chances of sight and fly predator fishing. The best time of the year to go predator fly fishing is anything from spring to fall, when preys are plentiful, and predators aren't afraid to show themselves. 

Best Predator Fly Fishing Gear      

If you have a thing for big toothy fishes, then you know having the right gear is essential. Aesthetics should be secondary in making your decision. For rods, you need to have one with a steady grip. Something with a fine cane and mix of rubber at the handle will do just fine, unless you're particularly interested in luxury gear. The last thing you want is to snag a particularly large predator that ends up pulling you and your rod into the water. The fishing tackle needs to have far enough range, but without tangling unnecessarily when you cast. Be sure to check out predator fly fishing gear, as it's a favorite amongst fishing anglers.    

Predator fishes are used to hunting, so aren't the most docile fishes to catch. But even predators become prey. Many a streamer, and predator fly fishing equipment have been lost to them, so make sure you plan and choose your gear wisely.

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