Classic Fly Fishing Gear Every Fisherman Needs

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Classic Fly Fishing Gear Every Fisherman Needs

Buying fly fishing gear may seem intimidating to those who are new to the sport. The waders, endless types of lures and thousands of different types of fly fishing rods alone can be overwhelming, even to experienced fishermen. To help you find what you need for the first time, or the next time, you hit the open water, we came up with the definitive list of top classic fly fishing gear. Continue reading to find out what fly fishing equipment you need in your toolbox, today.

Fly Rods

You may be thinking, "I already have a fishing rod, why should I buy a new one?" Well, when it comes to fly fishing, there are a few major differences that go into making fly rods perfect for fly fishing as opposed to a traditional fishing rod. 

Compared to most other rods, fly rods are thinner and lighter with the reel seat at the very lowest end of the rod, below the handle. Professional fly fishing rods are an even more specific type of fly fishing rod, used mostly in competition and almost exclusively by professional fisherman.

Fly Reels

Fly reels retrieve and store the fly line and backing and, unlike other reels, have no effect on the cast. The reel's spool instead determines how many lines should be pulled in per turn of the spool using the size or diameter of the spool itself.

Fly reels come in all manner of sizes, colors, and types with a plethora of special features to customize them to whatever type of fly fishing suits you best. Our favorite kind of fly reels come fully-sealed and saltwater proof to prevent wear and rust.

Fly Lines

Fly lines, or weighted fishing lines, have been the basic bread and butter of fly fishing for hundreds of years. Even as far back as the 17th Century, fishermen have used spun and braided silk to create fly lines and fish local streams and rivers. The perfect fly line for you should work in combination with your reel and rod to deliver flies accurately, quickly, and weightlessly. 

However, today's fly lines are a bit more sophisticated than some twined together silk. To just name a few types of fly lines, there are:

full-floating lines,  partial-float lines, sinking fly lines (that sink to a specific depth)full-seeking lines, freshwater lines, saltwater lines and many, many more

While many lines are designed to help you catch a specific type of fish, most fly fishermen use full-floaters for general fly fishing and dry fly fishing.

And of course... Flies

It wouldn't be fly fishing without the flies. Fishing flies refer to the bait that you'll use as a fly fisher. Flies are made to look like crustaceans, baitfish, insects, or other delicious treats for fish. There are five categories of flies for you to consider: saltwater flies, poppers, streamers, dry flies, and wet flies. 

If you're just starting, your best bet is to try an assortment of flies and see what appeals to you and the fish you're looking to catch.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to grab your tackle box and a few close friends and hit the water for some fly fishing fun you'll be sure to remember!

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