Everything You Need To Know About Fly Fishing

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Everything You Need To Know About Fly Fishing

Anyone who has done fly fishing can tell how simple the act is. But before you find it simple, that is if you are a beginner, there are several things you need to learn about. Apparently, you may want to know about fly fishing skills but before then, the most essential pack of knowledge comes from understanding the equipment to be used for fly fishing. Below is a simplified guide containing everything you need to know about fly fishing particularly the basic equipment to be used.

How conversant are you with fly fishing equipment?

While you might want to proceed directly to purchase fly fishing baits, it's of utmost importance to determine the right equipment you should buy. Well, we have four basic fly fishing equipment: the fly fishing rod, the fly line, the reel, and the lure. All these come with different features to suit your fly fishing needs.

The rod

To begin with, the rod comes in various weights and sizes.

The average length of a rod ranges from 7 to 9 feet and can probably be used on a wide range of fishing purposes.

Fly fishing line

Fly fishing lines are differentiated by color, weight, sinking and floating abilities, and whether they are weight-forward or tapered.

In any case, green color for the line is recommended because it's difficult for fish to see it.

There’s a positive correlation between the size of the rod and the weight of the line. For instance, a 7 weight rod should be matched with a 7 weight line. A medium-weight line- 7 Wt- is recommended as it works well with all sizes. However, this phenomenon shouldn’t limit you in choosing what feels good in your hands.

The reel

For a beginner, it would be better to go with the standard reel than choosing the fancy one because the latter is easier to control and gives a better feel of the fishing waters.

Important also is the consideration of the line to be used with the reel; the size of the reel should be right for the line. The reel and line to be used are determined by the fish variety you are most likely to find and the location you’ll be doing fly fishing.

Still, on-reel features, it’s important to consider getting a reel with a quality drag system. While the spring and pawl mechanisms are good, the disk drag mechanism provides allows you to gain more control because the two disks in a reel rub against each other thus acting as a stoppage agent.

Fly fishing lures

Fly fishing makes use of artificial lures that imitate the fish prey. From the term fly fishing, anyone can tell that the lures, in this case, are flies. Types of flies include wet flies, dry flies, poppers, and streamers.

Flies come in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Expert fly fishers would tell you that yellow and black/brown flies are perfect for the job. As for size, an average fly should have a length of an inch and a diameter of ¼ inch. These flies should have feathers and more so rubber legs.

Different flies are suited to different types of fish. For instance, the Adams fly and the Caddis are best known to catch trout. Other flies are such as the woolly bugger and Caddis. If you find that your fly is working out best, try to change and use another type that could be the preference for fish for that day. This means that your fly fishing box must contain a wide variety of flies.

Other than matching the type of fish to the type of fly that attracts it most, having good knowledge of when to use what fly could guarantee you a good catch. Different flies hatch during different seasons of the year and so you should consider using a lure of the fly that’s in season at that particular time. Some flies never run out of season though thus are the best for any season.


Given the above information, you should be able to choose the right equipment and not the best, even though the right one could also be the best. Even with the right equipment, be sure to fish upstream, not downstream, as it gives the best chance of catching fish. As part of gaining experience, you can find a person to guide you through the activity. Good luck with your fly fishing endeavors!

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