Five General Mistakes in Smallmouth Fly Fishing

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Five General Mistakes in Smallmouth Fly Fishing

Do you like smallmouth fly fishing? Did you often have some problems at float fishing for smallmouth bass? Maybe you make these 5 mistakes anglers usually have. We analyze these issues and give some solutions to you. Hope you can fishing more successfully.

1. wrong casting
The first common mistake newbies to smallmouth make is too much false casting that lead to your fly don't have enough time in the water. The easy way to solve this problem is to cast with a single haul.

2. regardless of the small strike zone
The second question is without regard for the small strike zone. Smallmouth bass are ambush feeders, you should withdraw your fly across the strike zone instead of begin at the border and then quit. A good solution to this issue is to cast to the other side of the strike zone and take back the fly cross over it.

3. release the line casually
The third mistake anglers make is release the line casually and make it twined the reel. You can easily deal with this question by making a circle with the thumb and the forefinger and let the line through the rod hand, and then stripping or mending.

4. line relaxation
The next consistent issue is line relaxation. A slack line would make you lose the contact to the fly, so you can't feel the strike. The solution is to make the rod tip point down. This will be helpful to ease slake, and is necessary to smallmouth fly fishing.

5. Forget your backcast
The last common question is only fishing half of the water and forget backcast. Your backcast leads you to fish either sides, so you don't need to cast over the ship's bow or the vessel. It's not easy to do, you need constant practice. You can do this by making a formal overhand cast on one side and present the fly on the other by casting on your backcast.

Now you know how to deal with your problems when fly fishing smallmouth, then use these tips to fishing, you may get greater harvest.

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