Five Reasons for Why I Love Fly Fishing

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Five Reasons for Why I Love Fly Fishing

You may be confused about why I love fly fishing? In the past, fishing could only be regarded as an outdoor leisure sport, but now, fishing has become a "fashionable" sport in many people's eyes. More and more people are interested in fishing, and the age group is getting younger. Perhaps in the past, it was always older people who went fishing at the water's edge, but now you can find a lot of young people out fishing. 

What’s fly fishing?

Fly fishing is that you can use fly line, fly fishing rod, and the fly, wielding the unique wave technology and the weight of the line itself to play out line and bait, then slowly recycling line. You can use different methods and the performance of the current situation to the activities of the bait, attracting fish to attack the bait. 

The essential difference between fly fishing and ordinary fishing is that ordinary fishing uses the weight of the bait to throw it. Fly fishing uses the weight of the fly line to transfer power to throw the bait, using a technique similar to rope casting. 

Reasons why I love fly fishing

Fishing sports in Europe, the United States, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and other regions have developed maturely, which has formed a large-scale industry and competition. There are hundreds of millions of fishing lovers all over the world. Bush, Putin, Bill Gates, and so on are fishing lovers. Fishing sports are compared to water golf. Fishing itself has a strange charm, which has become one of the most popular outdoor sports in Europe and the United States. Why it is so popular? 

(1)Fly fishing can be done in a variety of situations

Fly fishing is suitable for most fishing situations, such as ocean fishing, still water lake fishing, swamp pond fishing, and so on, covering almost all situations. The only thing is that fly fishing is usually less than 30 meters, so it may not be suitable for using the sea. On the other hand, fly fishing can be done from shore, boat, dock, or even reef. You can also stand in the water. Standing in the water, you can get closer to the fish point and have more room to swing. 

(2)A good way to make new friends

There has always been a saying in fishing circles that "all fishermen belong to the same family". Even two strangers always find many common topics when they meet for the first time. After getting in touch with fishing, you will get to know a lot of fishermen and improve your network. 

(3)A chance to think quietly

Fishing is regarded as the most promising leisure health activity in the new century. Fishing contains many philosophies of life, you can wield fishing to temper will, cultivate sentiment, release pressure, and cultivate peace. When fishing, you can have the space to think for yourself and think about the meaning of life. You can also apply the theory concluded in fishing to guide your life and work. That’s why I love fly fishing so much. 

(4)The happiness of constantly improving abilities

You can always improve your fishing skills. In addition to practicing on your own, the good friends you make while fishing are also good teachers. As you continue to improve at your level, you will feel a sense of happiness and accomplishment. 

You need to know that just getting the fly line out smoothly takes a lot of practice and is not something you can do in a day or two. Even if you can, the distance and accuracy take more practice, not to mention there are more advanced throws for different conditions and waters. Because of this threshold, fly fishing is not necessarily the most efficient shortcut to "catch fish", but like skiing and rock climbing, it has become an outdoor recreation that requires passion and practice. So if you succeed, you will be very happy. 

(5)Fly fishing is a great sport to watch

Fly fishing is a method of fishing popular in North America and Europe. It is a very popular sport with elegance and extreme leisure. It is safe to think of fly fishing as a special sports art. When you first see fly fishing, the first thing you are attracted to is its flying charm, the beauty of movement in the swing, and the harmony of the sky, people, water, and fish. The lines flying in the air through the control of the fisherman, lightly crossing the water and falling in front of the fish, like a sense of melody. Man and nature are so in harmony at this moment. 

Fly fishing is an addiction because fishing is chasing the unknown, you never know what fish you will catch next time you pick up the line and how big it will be. More and more people participate in fishing. Meanwhile, fishing is no longer a patent for middle-aged and elderly people, it is gradually becoming younger, more equipped, and more creative.

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