Fly Fishing Stores in Toronto, What Should Be Focused on?

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Fly Fishing Stores in Toronto, What Should Be Focused on?

Fly fishing stores in Toronto, for most fly fishing enthusiasts, choosing a store to buy a set of fly fishing apparatuses is quite important. Bay of Quinte is one of the ten best fishing destinations in Canada. This place is suitable for fishing lovers living in or going to Toronto. Thus this article is going to introduce something that should be focused on for fly fishing beginners in Toronto. 

What is fly fishing?

Fly fishing uses bionic bait that imitates the falling of winged insects such as flies, mosquitoes, and dragonflies to stimulate the fierce predatory fish in the water. This kind of fishing method is flexible and free. And it requires good fishing techniques of anglers, for the weight of the hook is almost zero, the throwing action depends on the shape of the line and the specific gravity of the line. Therefore, for fly fishing, good fishing tools are necessary.

Useful equipment in fly fishing stores in Toronto

If you want to buy some fly fishing apparatus in Toronto, you can not miss the following five items: fly fishing rod, fly fishing winder, fly fishing weighted line, tapered front wire, and hook. These five items are indispensable in fly fishing. Therefore, beginners need to choose suitable equipment.

1. Fly fishing rod

The number of fly fishing rods sold on the market ranges from No. 1 to No. 12, and the fly fishing rods above No. 12 usually need to be customized. Fly fishing rods can be divided into fast adjustment, medium speed adjustment, and slow speed adjustment. The difference between fast adjustment and medium speed adjustment and slow speed adjustment lies in the maximum stress point of the rod and the recovery speed after the rod is stressed. Thus when people go shopping for it in Toronto, they need to choose a rod that suits them most.

2. Fly fishing winder

The shape and weight of this tool are not that important. In the early days of fly fishing, there was no special winder, but the throwing distance became farther and farther for the progress of science and technology, which made a winder necessary in fly fishing.

3. Fly weight line

The most common lines are WF and DT, and the weight line of WF is divided into F- floating line, S- full sinking line, and FS forward sinking line. If you are puzzled about this, you can ask for more details from the shopkeepers.

4. Taper front lead

The use of tapered front wire can reduce the vigilance of fish, activate the action of a hook so that it can walk and swing in the water. You can find this tool in almost every fishing shop.

5. Classification of fly fishing hooks, you can make it by yourself or buy it from the market in Toronto. They can be divided into five categories:

First, dry fly, which is a kind of floating insect hook, such as Adams, Royal coachman.

Second, wet fly, which is generally used to simulate the submerged aquatic insects.

Third, steamer. This kind of hook usually simulates small fish, with gorgeous shape and color to attract the curiosity of fish.

Fourth, nymph, which refers to the hook that simulates the juvenile of aquatic insects.

Fifth, Emerger, which is similar to floating pupa (nymph), and is designed to simulate the emergence of nymphs or pupae. 

Some fly fishing stores in Toronto

From the above introduction about fly fishing and some necessary fishing equipment, people may need some recommendations about the stores that can buy some good fishing tools in Toronto. Here are some stores that are regarded as the best fishing stores in Toronto.

First, Drift Outfitters & Fly Shop. This shop can give beginners some fly fishing tips and advice.

Second, True Canadian Outdoors. As some people said, this place has a quite good service and price.

Third, Al Flaherty's Outdoor Store. As its advertisement goes, this supplier can give people much freedom on choosing the best equipment on the market. This store has the fishing tools like fly lines, lures, fishing weights mentioned above.

Fourth, Bass Pro Shops. Some people say this store looks like an aquarium, it even has some boats and some recreations. You can find almost everything about fishing in this store.

Fifth, Johnson’s Country Store. Except for hunting tools, here even has an ice cream shop in it, which is quite surprising.

All in all, if you want to go fly fishing in Toronto, as a beginner, you should know what is fly fishing, which kind of fishing tools are needed, and which fly fishing stores in Toronto are valuable to go.

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