Fly Fishing Terminal Tackle

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Fly Fishing Terminal Tackle

There are quite a few interesting elements to the sport of fly fishing. _FLY FISHING TERMINAL TACKLE _is another tangible piece to the puzzle. Whether you’re passionately addicted, or simply an avid hobbyist; you’d like to have the right _equipment_… inside _your_ tackle box. Here are a few tips, to push you in the right direction.


If you’ve never been fly fishing before, you might be surprised to find the list for _fly fishing terminal tackle_ is short. Terminal tackle refers to the fly fishing tackle that is clipped, slid, or tied to the end of your fishing line. For fly fishing, it includes;

· hooks

· tapered leaders - with a tippet section

· level leaders

· tippets and strike indicators

· and all the tools you’ll need to tie all those knots.

And that’s… pretty much it. Leave your vast inventory of spoons, spinners, and clevises at home. Don’t be deceived though, you’ll still need to choose your tools wisely.


_HOOKS…_ keep the bait attached to the line, and if your _lucky_ - the fish to the end of the hook. A perfectly _sharpened_ hook can make the difference between snagging a fish, or watching it slip off the line. There are custom hooks for tying flies and each size hook is designed to catch a specifically _sized_ fish.

_Tapered leaders__… _ come in various shapes. They’re what join the tip of the fly line and the eye of a fly hook. They’re usually 7 to 10 feet in length and provide an invisible lead from the fly line to the fly.

_Level leaders__…_are tapered pieces of monofilament or fluorocarbon. They provide a separation from the fly line to the fly and also help cast the fly. They’re usually used with sinking lines to get the fly deeper and quicker.

_TIPPETS…_ are practically _invisible_ to the fish. They’re the smallest gauge line you’ll have and they’re attached to the end of the leader - to which you tie the fly. A _TIPPET_is also very flexible and allows your fly to float or swim almost… as if they were _alive_.

_STRIKE INDICATORS_…_STRIKE INDICATORS_… are floats attached to a fly line. They suspend a sinking fly - called a nymph or a pupa - below the surface of the water. Without the _STRIKE INDICATOR_, a fisherman would have a hard time seeing if his sunken fly, is struck by a fish or not.


That is the most important question to ask yourself BEFORE you can fill your tackle box, with the right - _fly fishing terminal tackle._ It does you little good to have the wrong sized hooks or floats with you. Will you be fly fishing for salmon and grayling or bass? Are you angling for marine species, like snook, or striped bass? Each species of fish prefers a different size and variety of hook or floater or fly. When you choose the right equipment for your trip, it will put that smile on your face; especially when you feel that first strike.

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