How to Fly Fish in New Zealand Like A Pro?

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How to Fly Fish in New Zealand Like A Pro?

If you are thinking of spending your holiday participating in fly fishing New Zealand, there are so many fly fishing techniques that can help you fly fish like a pro. Although most people concentrate on learning casting techniques, it would be best if you learn other techniques that you combine with the casting skills you have learned. Even if you have been fly fishing for a very long time, there is a need for you to learn the following tricks since they will help you become a pro and you will love fly fishing in New Zealand.

Watch the behavior of the fish

The first technique for fly fishing pros is watching the fish and how it is behaving. You do not cast after you have spotted the fish without knowing the type of flies you will be using as bait. When you watch the behavior of the fish, it is easy for you to know what the fish is feeding on.

Fly fish at different sections of the water

Most fly fishers will cast using longer lines which enable them to fish farther. This is not the way to go about fly fishing. As you use your modern tackle and gear, you will be increasing your drag, but reducing the accuracy which makes you miss so many fish. Instead, it would be best for you to walk and wade several sections of the waters. You have to ensure that you are studying the currents and reading the streams so that you can find the sections that are suitable for fly fishing.

Always check your bait after some time

Most people make sure that they have the best baits when they are fly fishing, but when they cast the flies on the water, they forget to check on them. However, the knots on your bait could weaken and the hooks would bend, especially if the winds are strong. It will be very hard for you to note this when you are casting and it would mess your fly fishing moments. To avoid this, it is necessary that you observe the bait before you cast it and also when it is in the water.

Find out whether the fish are eating or avoiding the flies so that you can know when to change them. Note that the fish may avoid the flies if they do not float like the flies they are imitating float. Therefore, you have to ensure that you take a look at the time and again.

Check the length of the leader

When you are fly fishing New Zealand, it is important that you find out the leader length that would be best for you. There are some fly fishers that will use longer leaders while others will be comfortable with the short ones. It is best for you to experiment before you begin fly fishing so that you can find the length of the leader that would be best for you.

Staying safe is another thing that can help you when you are fly fishing. When you are heading in and out of the waters, you need to use your common sense. If the water conditions make fly fishing New Zealand dangerous, you need to wait for some time. Also, if it is your first-time fly fishing in New Zealand, it would be best if you brought someone else with you.

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