How to Make Fly Fishing Hooks

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How to Make Fly Fishing Hooks

The question about how to make fly fishing hooks is perhaps the most critical part that the majority newbies in the fishing industry try to find out. It's beyond doubt that, before deciding on where you are going to fish fly, you must think of acquiring a hook simply because it's the primary tool that is involved in the whole process. 

Apparently, making your own fishing hook is perhaps the best idea for any individual who is aspiring to be a successful and great fishing person. This is so because it equips an individual with additional skills that can help her in case of breakdown during the fishing activity. 

Making your own hooks also gives you the freedom of making high precision hooks that have the desired design. However in order to make a highly engineered hook, then a sting wire is needed for long-lasting and consistency during fishing. Let's now have a quick glimpse on how you easily make your own fly fishing hooks.   


 After selecting a strong piece of wire, the first thing to do is to place the wire in a furnace that is subjected to very high temperatures. Steel is preferably the best choice for this work. Heating the wire removes the temper and makes the wire soft. This allows you to shape the wire into the desired hook shape. Additionally, you can use a propane torch to heat the wire since it takes a short time to turn the wire red-hot.

Cutting the wire. Before the wire cools and goes back to its original state, cut the wire into various parts or sizes that will produce considerable hook sizes. 

Re-heating and shaping the wire. Before, bending the wires into desired fish flying hooks, it's necessary to heat then once more just to make them softer. Using a flat-nosed pliers, begin bending each piece of wire into hooks. You can do this by using templates that will direct you in shaping them accordingly. Give the hook a slight bend downwards while ensuring that it doesn't break at the turning point. 

Tapering the hook. Set up a bench grinder and move the hook shank over it. Ensure you concentrate on the hook shank for the purposes of tapering it to your desired style. It's advisable to mount a dremel device because it will give you the freedom of working on your hook appropriately. Tempering. After shaping the hooks, reheat them and submerge them into ice or engine oil in order to cool it uniformly. You can also do this by cooling one half of the hook followed by the other one in order to make it less brittle.

Cleaning the hooks. Use steel wool to scrub off any coating from the hooks and then give it a fine texture by using sandpaper. Painting. Soak the hooks in acetone for a couple of hours before applying paint on them using a paint gun. Acetone scars the hooks slightly to enable the paint to stick on it effectively. Following the above steps will guide you appropriately on how to make fly fishing hooks without any difficulties.

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