How to pick the best Orvis Fly fishing tackle rod?

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How to pick the best Orvis Fly fishing tackle rod?

Buying the perfect fly fishing tackle gears for enhancing your skills isn't an easy job, especially because there are several brands, models, and most significantly, various dealers. If you have been fly fishing for a while, you must have heard about Orvis. Drawing on a sporting legacy that spans over a century, Orvis is one of the top manufacturers of fly fishing gear in the world, Whether you are looking to get started with a beginner's rod or want to up your casting game, Orvis fly fishing tackle is a trusted brand to choose. Here are a few aspects to consider while picking the best Orvis fly fishing tackle rod.

1) Weight of your rod

The rule of thumb is - the bigger the fish, the heavier the rod size you want to use. The first thing you need to consider is the type of fish you will be going after. Fly rods vary a lot based on their weight, from one weighed up to 14 weight. If you're going to catch a smaller fish maybe a little trout up in the mountains or panfish, a 1-3 weight is a fun choice rod to use. If you're going to be catching bigger fish, you would need a five or six weight, maybe even a seven or eight weight for trout.

2) Flies and lures

Now, you would need different sized rods, if you are going to cast different sized flies. Suppose you are using a large fly. A large fly is going to be very wind resistant when you are casting. So, when you are trying to cast and turn that fly over, that big fly will catch a lot of air and would eventually slow down. In this case, you would need a heavier weight Rod because the line that matches the rod is going to carry more mass and will be a little bit heavier. This would make turning over that fly a lot easier. A smaller less wind resistant fly would be easier to cast and a lighter weight rod would be enough for those flies.

3) Length of your rod

The longer the rod, the easier it gets to mend, make a roll cast, pick up some line and make a longer cast, However, the downside is that it becomes a little cumbersome, especially when you are in a tight cover surrounded by a lot of trees. Also, if it's a smaller stream, the rod becomes a little tricky to handle. In such situations, you would need a shorter rod that tends to be more accurate and easy to maneuver in a lot of situations. Though they don't necessarily roll cast or mend.

So, it ultimately boils down to the environment you are going to be in. You should think about the size of flies and then think about the size of the fish you're going to catch. And that's going to help you decide whether you want a freshwater rod a saltwater rod. You can use a saltwater rod in freshwater but you would need a different weight rod. If you need a little more help deciding on an Orvis fly fishing tackle, you can use our detailed product catalog. We are a leading Orvis Fly fishing tackle dealer and carry an extensive array of products in stock all the time. You can find the Orvis product that appeals to you at a variety of price points suitable for any budget.

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