How to Succeed in Winter Dry Fly Fishing?

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How to Succeed in Winter Dry Fly Fishing?

You should know about winter dry fly fishing if you still have the urge to fish even if it's cold. Dry fly fishing is called such because it uses a dry fly rod and dry flies. And believe it or not, many people are into this activity and they don't seem to mind the cold. So if you're interested in fishing in the cold, you need to know that you're not alone. And if you want to succeed in this kind of activity, then you'll find the tips in this article to be useful. By following the tips in this article, you're assured to catch some fish. 

Many experts would agree that trying to catch fish that are not actively fishing during wintertime is not worth the effort. If you're lucky, you'll be able to find rising trout. When this happens then that's the time you should throw dries. But without rising trout, then your best bet is to go nymphing and streamer fishing. For blind casting dries in winter, then it is highly recommended that you use Griffith gnats and the likes of midges and BWO patterns. It will be a mistake, however, to throw a single adult midge when no fish is feeding. You will surely have a hard time inducing a strike if you do so. But it is possible. But to be sure, you should only throw a single midge during winter months if you see fish. 

So what can you do to succeed in winter dry fly fishing? Well, you need to use midge and BWO mayflies if you want to see some action. Midges are usually white in color while BWO has an olive or dark olive color. It is not advisable to go too small during winter. Unless of course you have very good eyesight and you can see the small winter dry fly. Another thing you can do is to fish with a renegade size 16 in front and then trail it with a small smokejumper. This way, you'll be able to always track your flies. You can also use yarn as a strike indicator. 

You also need to understand what really is a good predictor of a hatch. It's not daytime temperature. What you should check are the changes in barometric pressure and the temperature of the water. To get an idea of the water temperature, you need to look at the average between the highs during the daytime and the lows at night. For example, if it's 40 during the day and 10 at night, then the average temperature would be20. To know the water temperature, you can refer to USGS water data but only if the river has a gauging station. Midges will hatch anytime. It all depends on their lifecycle. BWO, on the other hand, needs a water temperature of above 38 degrees.

To sum up the winter dry fly fishing tips above, you should only fish dries when you see fish rising up. If they are not rising then you should just stick to nymphs.

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