Looking for the Best Waterproof Fly Fishing Hip Pack?

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Looking for the Best Waterproof Fly Fishing Hip Pack?

Some advanced fly fishers are looking for the best waterproof fly fishing hip pack. Yes, it is such a practical fly fishing gear that can be found in the market. There are lots of different fly fishing gears available nowadays such as fly fishing front vest packs, fly fishing boots, and so on. Everything seems to be related to fly fishing when you are shopping from head to toe. 

This is very true. But beginners may not want to spend so much on the gears all at once. Do remember the fly fishing gears are designed for your convenience and safety on different tours, so if your budget is not that much, you can buy important things first. 

Where can you buy the best waterproof fly fishing hip pack?

Every fly fisher has a wild heart for overcoming difficulties while they are on the journey. The equipment that we used on the road must be waterproof and easy-carried as they can make our fly fishing with ease. 

Decathlon is such a good place for sports activities shopping! If you want to buy a hip pack, you may go there and have a look. It contains a wide range of outdoor adventure items. These kinds of stores are very helpful when shopping for hip packs or other kinds of sports bag purchases as people will surely need the hip packs to storage their items when running or cycling. Where else can you get the best waterproof fly fishing hip pack? 

Internet is another good place to go. You can do online shopping and buy different fly fishing gear all at once. If you go somewhere that just sells bags, it may not have the kind of hip packs you want. Or it is not very practical when you take it for fly fishing. 

How to select a waterproof hip pack for fly fishing

The first key point of selecting any fly fishing items, not just hip packs, should be waterproof. You can see from the spec whether the fly fishing gear is made of water-resistance and quick-dry materials, like 210D nylon. This is very important as when you are wandering on the water sources, your hip may get wet, and it feels very uncomfortable. 

A basic hip pack may just have one zipper. But if you go fly fishing, you may need something more than that. For example, a hip pack of 28 x 0.25 x 5in can carry lots of your small items. Its great adjustable belt not only allows you to wear it on top of the butt but also can be worn as a chest vest. This can save your money from buying another vest pack. 

With small hanger holes on the bag, you can hang the fly rods or the fly clips easily. Sometimes it is hard to find these kinds of small fly fishing accessories in a hurry, so you can store them in the hip pack. And it is very easy to take them out when you are already angling the fish. Even when you are shopping for fly fishing apparel, you can take this into account. 

It is better if the hip pack has some light reflection strip. For example, when you are in a dark area, you can be easily recognized when walking along the shores or roads. This is important when choosing the best waterproof fly fishing hip pack. As when the environment is too dark, other people may barely see you and may hit or bump into you by accident. 

Last but not least, pay attention to the fabric materials. Depends on the materials use, the hip pack may have different prices. Let’s say, a 600D nylon hip pack with PU coating or DWR coating is strong enough to use. And an adjustable waterproof belt makes your wearing more easily and conveniently because you may wear this hip pack in any weather conditions. When you wear a hoodie, you may need to enlarge the belt. 

If you are looking for such a hip pack, you should try it on. So you can see whether the shape of the pack fits your waists or body. Wearing it comfortably and stably can help fly fisher to fly fishing without worry about items fall off.

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