Pyramid Fly Fishing Rules And Regulations

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Pyramid Fly Fishing Rules And Regulations

Want to have a wonderful pyramid fly fishing tour in Nevada? Before you start the journey, we recommend you have a general understanding of Pyramid Lake fishing rules so that you can have a safe and impressive trip. In the following article, we give you a brief introduction to the lake and regulations of fishing there.

Introduction to Pyramid Lake

There is no doubt that Pyramid Lake is an ideal fly fishing destination. Pyramid Lake is situated in Nevada where is home to abundant huge cutthroat trouts. This is a wonderful site for fly fishing anglers. Miles of coasts are available for anglers to find a good site to catch big trouts. The area of the lake covers 475,000 acres. It has a width of around 11 miles and a length of 15 miles. The highest depth of the lake can reach 350 feet. 

As one of the biggest natural lakes in the United States, Pyramid boasts magnificent landscape and spectacular scenery. It is worth paying a visit if you do not go fly fishing there. Peculiar rocks surround the lake. The Lahontan cutthroat trouts living here are an ancient species having more than 2 million years old. Therefore, they are very big and heavy. 

Rules and regulations

To fly fishing Pyramid, there are some basic rules you need to follow. First, in general, to go fishing in the US, licenses are required. Here, you do not need a license but a boating or tribal fishing permit. While taking boats requires registration.

Second, hooks in the water are a concern. You are not allowed to use many hooks. Each bait can have two singles, doubles, or trebles hooks. Third, any fly fishing baits containing organic matter are not allowed to be used for the lures. Therefore, products having similar functions as worms or power baits are forbidden. 

Besides, you cannot keep all your catchings. Except for two small ones, fish of other sizes should be returned to the lake. You can also keep one big and one small instead of two small sizes. Two fishermen are not allowed to stand on the same stringer. Any sharing of stringers violates the rules. On the reservation, you cannot cut the fish into slices because the size of the fish has to be verified by rangers. 

Each time you can go fly fishing for one hour either before sunrise or after sunset. If you take a boat on the river, it is recommended to have a radio on the boat. Channel 16 is monitored by the ranger station. Thus, if there are any accidents happen, you can get the notification immediately. It is important to your safety while you are fly fishing at Pyramid lake. 

Fly fishing off the docks also poses dangers to your safety, so do remember to fishing on the docks. There are some areas closed to fly fishing and boating. 

Suggestions on fly fishing at Pyramid Lake.

If you are planning to go pyramid fly fishing, finding a nice lodge ahead of time can offer you a pleasant fly fishing trip. You can search on the Internet to look for cost-effective accommodations. Remember to check previous customers’ reviews which will be helpful for you to pick up good accommodation. 

If you want to catch fish in Pyramid, the fly fishing gears you use may be different from those you use in other saltwater areas. There is a wide range of fly fishing rods you can use to fish in Pyramid lake. Which type of fishing rod you choose depends on what sort of techniques you use. Nymphing is one of the most popular skills at the lake. Lighter fly fishing line
s and rods are used for short casting. With the help of wind, you can get the best results with a 7-8 weight bait. 

As for the fishing line, if you tend to use the technique of nymphing, floating lines are the most frequently used. A floating line and indicators combined with several nymphs work well in catching the attention of trouts. 


Having an exciting pyramid fly fishing trip can leave a deep impression on anglers’ minds. We hope the information about Pyramid Lake fly fishing rules and relevant suggestions can help you to have a terrific fly fishing experience at the lake.

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