Similkameen River Fly Fishing

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Similkameen River Fly Fishing

Have you ever heard of the great wonders of Similkameen river fly fishing? If you haven't then you are not to blame because the secrets of the best fishing grounds are always known and kept by the anglers themselves. Just imagine being able to fish with only a hand-tied fly. It's never easy to fly fish in many rivers without having all the necessary fishing gear and protective attires.      

 Fly fishing in Similkameen is an anticipated move that all anglers wish to be part of, to enjoy and land big fishes. Many anglers have since been attracted to this river simply because it contains many natural resources and above all being a freshwater river. It's easy to catch a trout and cooking it on open campfires that exist around this unique river.  

Fishing points in the Similkameen River.  

As stated earlier, many anglers have since been lured by the beauty of this river that has got various fishing points. The majority of freshwater fishing points are usually accessible along the BC highways and between Cawston and Princeton sites.  

Similkameen is an all year fishing site. 

There is no high or low fishing seasons. Regardless of whether it's summer or winter, there is sufficient fish to catch. Nearly all experienced anglers will tell you that the best fishing points are well protected but there are many hidden secrets which they never share. To be precise, they are oy hiding the magic experience of fishing in the Similkameen River.  

Similkameen river is an incredible fishing zone that is affecting hundreds of anglers on a daily basis simply because it's the best rocky fishing spot. Bromley Rock is one of the famous fishing points that contain white fish. Perhaps you should make this section your first destination before moving to other areas. 

Important facts you should know before heading to Similkameen.  

As an angler, it's obvious that you will develop some fishing cravings that will force you to fish even if you just went to visit Similkameen. However, it's important to know that you must acquire a fishing license so that you can be allowed to fish in this river. 

A fishing license and for what? This is a commonly asked question that the majority of anglers ask but this you should not worry you simply because it's meant to protect the natural water if the river and its resources by allowing responsible and legitimate fishermen to carry out their activities.  This license can be easily acquired from various online portals or even retailers who are located in Keremeos and Princeton. You will be handed a guide map upon the completion of the process.  

Additionally, it's important to carry all the necessary protective outfits such as the bag pack, chest pack, head cap and waders so that you can feel free to conduct your fishing tour or activity in any style. You can either choose to cast your line while standing on rocky surfaces or even using a boat. Good enough, you can hire a boat in Similkameen or even buy your own.

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