The Best Reel For The Money: Maxcatch CM Carbon Fiber Sensor Waterproof Fly Reel

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The Best Reel For The Money: Maxcatch CM Carbon Fiber Sensor Waterproof Fly Reel

Maxcatch launched a new fly fishing reel recently which is really cost-effective.

Firstly, the CM Carbon Fiber Sensor Waterproof Fly Reel is ultra-light. The weight of the reel are only 129g/4.55oz(3/4WT), 135g/4.76oz(5-6WT), 149g/5.25oz(7-8WT). This allows you to enjoy the fun of fly fishing, making the cast more comfortable.

Secondly, the reel is designed with a sealed and powerful drag system.You can feel the benefit between landing or losing a trophy.

Without a sealed drag system, it's easy to collect dust and water that slowly work into core components.

Thirdly, It's used carbon 6061T6 bar stock aluminum body. 

So, it has 3-year warranty with free international door to door express shipping by Maxcatch.

The price of the reel is very shocking, only $146 for sale, which has 7.6% discount now. Moreover, full line combo (Backing line + leader*2  + Weight forward fly line + Fluorocarbon Tippet) match the reel you order will be given to you when you buy this reel. 

The original link of this reel: https://www.maxcatchfishing.com/cm-carbon-fiber-sensor-waterproof-fly-reel.html

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