Three Steps to Select the Best Fly Fishing Pole

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Three Steps to Select the Best Fly Fishing Pole

Are you trying to find the best fly fishing pole? Are you worrying about how to choose your best pole? I know you must want a pole suits your need, here’s three factors to help you choose your best one. Maybe you will be an expert about it after reading this article. Let’s look at these three elements:

The action of fly fishing pole means the rigidity and flexibility of a rod. We usually divide it into three classes: fast, medium and slow.

Fast action pole is the most stiff and the hardest to bend. It is not very easy to control, so it’s better for experienced anglers. Medium action pole is easier to control, it has medium rigidity and flexibility just as its name. The slow action pole is more friendly to new anglers. Beginners can learn to use it quickly.

2.length and material
The length of fly fishing pole is usually about 6 to 10 feet. The shortest usually do well in short casts and the longer pole can avoid obstacles or branches well.

The common materials of fly rods are usually bamboo, fiberglass and graphite. The graphite pole is the most popular one because its weight is optional and it can make more accurate cast. The fiberglass one is cheaper and more durable, and it’s good for new anglers. The bamboo rod is a little difficult to use. Well, experienced anglers like its old and nature feature.

3.fly line weight
It’s easy to understand that if you want smaller fish, your pole don’t need too heavy; and if you want bigger fish, a light rod can’t support it. That’s why fly line weight and fly fishing pole weight are also important factor to consider.

These are three factors you can consider when you choose your best fly fishing pole. Maybe there is not a best one, but the one fits you best.

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