Tips For Beginner Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

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  Tips For Beginner Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

How to find and select proper beginner fly fishing rod and reel combos seems to be one of the most difficult problems among green hands. When it comes to outdoor activity — fly fishing, the fly fishing rod and reel have to be mentioned because they are just like arms in the war. 

With a good fly fishing rod, novices will be more likely to cast and catch fish and thus find enjoyment. However, an improper rod may lead beginners to troubles and even make them decide to give up this sport. In the course of selecting the best fly fishing reel and rod combination, the biggest challenge is the budget of the newcomers. 

Here are some tips for beginners who would like to have a try in the fly fishing field. 

No cheap knockoffs

Beginners tend to have medium-fast actions which can cast best at both short and medium distances and feel good for a wide variety of casting skills. Most of fly fishing rod and reel combos go with the fly line, which can reduce the novices' costs.

Although the budgets really matter a lot, beginners had better not buy a cheap rod from a discount store or buy any low-cost knockoffs. Rather than these bargains, the editor thinks that several affordable fly fishing rod and reel combos would be perfect for novices. With a relatively low investment, the beginners could have a good experience. 

More detailed tips

Fly rods are classified by "weight", which means the thickness and weight of the anglers' fly line. A nine-foot, five-weight fly rod could be said as the most versatile size in all fly fishing rod and reel combos, especially for trout. Beginners can't go wrong with this size as their first rod. 

For fishing primarily on small creeks, a four-weight fly rod would be proper.

For longer casts on wider water, a six-weight fly rod would be wonderful. 

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