Top Ten Fly Fishing Rivers in the US You Can't Miss

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Top Ten Fly Fishing Rivers in the US You Can't Miss

It's no easy task listing all the worthy fly fishing water contenders, but these top ten fly fishing rivers in US listicle will try to narrow down your options to the creme de la creme of fly fishing waters. So without further ado, here are some of the best fly fishing rivers in the US that'll provide a stellar experience.    

Top 10 Fly Fishing Rivers in the US      

1. The Florida Keys      

It's universally agreed amongst anglers that the sunshine state is the place to be for a truly epic fly fishing experience - what with more than 10,000 miles of water. You can catch everything from bonefish to tarpons, without being suggested to the sting of a harsh winter breeze. Throw in some spectacular visuals and you're in the best spot yet.         

2. The Upper Kenai River in Alaska      

Known for being home to some of the biggest kings (a record 97 pound king was found here), the upper Kenai River is host to some 6,000 trout per mile, and that's excluding Dolly Varden and other native fishes in the area - pushing the number to about 10,000 fishes per mile. Talk about easy game.         

3. San Juan River      

Is without a doubt in a league of its own. With an estimated 15,000 rainbows per mile, you could easily find a skunk of fishes to choose from. This places it easily amongst the top ten fly fishing rivers in US. Note that the river crosses 3 state lines: Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah, so make sure your permits are intact.         

4. Long Island New York      

New York has some of the best variety of fishes in the nation, thanks to its close proximity to the ocean. But for these top ten fly fishing rivers in the US list, Long Island wins due to its reverence amongst the fly fishing community.         

5. The Yellowstone Montana      

Montana is home to various creeks and springs, but the portions of rivers in the Yellowstone National Park holds one of the top trout-fishing spots in the country.         

6. Green River in Utah      

With an estimated 20,000 fishes per mile, the tailwaters coming from the Flaming Gorge reservoir has earned a coveted spot on our list. You'll find an abundance of monster browns, rainbows, and lots more if you have the patience.         

7. Snake River, Idaho      

This is fly fishing in the big leagues, so if you're up for a little bit of challenge, check out the sublime Henry's Fork. Silver Creek is equally worth checking out if you're on an expedition.         

8. Au Sable River in Michigan      

Also known as the Dry-fly nirvana, the Au Sable River hosts some of the best brown trout fisheries, just east of the Rocky mountains. Some rivers around are strictly fly fishing only, so ensure your permits are up to date.         

9. Glenwood Springs Colorado      

Glenwoods Spring is unofficially called the geographic centre for fly fishing and is located between lots of fishing spots. It has a healthy trout population and is sunny virtually all year round so don't do yourself a disservice by skipping it.         

10. Deschutes River, Oregon      

Famous for its golden stonefly hatches and salmon fly, the Deschutes River is a fly fisher's dream come to live.    

Comment below with your suggestions if you think our top ten fly fishing rivers in US lists are incomplete.

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