US National Fly Fishing Championship Guide

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US National Fly Fishing Championship Guide

The US National Fly Fishing Championship is held every two years, with 2018 being the most recent. It was held between May 30th to June 2nd, and the host city was Bend, Oregon. While fishing as a sport isn't exactly new, the branch of fly fishing hasn't always participated in other competitions due to its highly individualized nature. But all that is changing thanks to the US national fly fishing championship, and well as other champions worldwide that promote it.         

US National Fly Fishing Championship Selection Process      

Starting from the end of each competition, registration is open to teams nationwide, who are allowed to run multiple mini competitions to determine suitable candidates. The selection process takes the rough years, with team registration deadlines slated a few months before the event. To qualify, anglers must demonstrate competence in a select course work, including the ability to pursue and catch different fishes (from wild rainbow trouts to brown trouts to whitefish) in multiple terrains.         

How the US National Fly Fishing Championship Game is played and Scored      

Before the start of each competition, a draw is held to determine which group each team will be placed in, and where they'll be fishing. There were 5 groups in Oregon, and each group was allowed five 3 hr sessions at each venue to catch a varied number of fishes.    

The aim of the game is to get the least amount of points. Points are awarded after each session, based on number and size of fishes caught. The group with the most fishes caught per session is awarded 1 placing point. The second is given 2 placing points, and so forth. If a group catches no fish, it'll be awarded the maximum number of points for that session, which is usually calculated by awarding a point to each member (so a group with 8 members, but without any fish will be award 8 points).    

Whenever two groups have the same number of fish, the size of the fish is the tiebreaker - with the winner having caught the biggest fishes. The angler with the least amount of points wins the US national fly fishing championship and usually moves to compete worldwide. Amongst the 2018 fly fishing team USA members, Norman Maktima emerged winner but retired afterward.      


Bend was chosen in 2018 for its world class fishing terrain, which has just enough natural resources to challenge anglers. The pre-selected venues were Lava Lake, South Twin Lake, Crane Prarie Lake, Upper Deschutes River and North Twin Lake. Upper Deschutes river was later dropped because rising water levels would have put the fly fishing team usa members at risk.      

The competition obtains permits to seize fishing, 60 days before the start of each competition in each selected area, to ensure surplus and fair supply of fishes for competitors. Selection for the 2020 US national fly fishing championship is already underway, and is open to both amateurs and professionals. Two regionals have already been conducted, but there are many more events. Volunteers, who record scores are also needed, so feel free to enroll if you're interested.

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