What Are the Options for Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod?

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What Are the Options for Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod?

Are you looking for a wild water fly fishing rod? This article presents some of the best options.

Professional fly rods

Professional fly rods are names as such because they are designed to meet the toughest demands of the most seasoned anglers in the world. These rods are perfect for all kinds of fishing conditions. Yes, you can definitely use these rods in wild waters. These rods are made for competitive fishing but they can be used for casual fishing as well. Well, if they are good enough for a professional competition, then they are certainly good enough for the needs of the average angler. 

Only the finest materials were used in making these rods. Because of this, they come at a premium price. Admittedly, they are not for everyone. New anglers may have second thoughts about investing in these rods. But if you are serious about fly fishing and you're planning to fish in wild waters soon, then it's highly recommended that you get these professional rods. Don't compromise on anything else. 

Spey and switch rods

Spey and switch rods are both are ideal for fishing in wild water. To use a Spey rod, you need to use two hands. With your dominant hand, you need to hold the long foregrip. Then you need to use your non-dominant hand to move the rod and power. With a Spey rod, the bend and power are achieved by anchoring the fly/leader in the water. An aerialized, overhead cast is not used.

A switch rod, on the other hand, combines a single-handed fly rod with a two-handed Spey rod. This is a versatile rod that can be used in all fishing conditions. You can cast a switch rod with one hand or you can also Spey cast it. Switch rods are longer than regular rods

It used to be that both Spey and switch rods are inaccessible to ordinary anglers. This is because they are quite expensive. Thanks to new materials the cost of Spey and switch rods have become more affordable in recent years. Many who have experienced fishing with Spey and Switch rods have found it hard to go back to fishing with normal rods. So it's a good idea to try these rods out if you can.

Fiberglass fly rods 

If versatility and durability are what you're after in a fly fishing rod, then you should consider getting a fiberglass fly rod. This kind of rod provides excellent accuracy and has a soft tip with a superior rod flex. This is why it's perfect for wild waters. It's also ideal for saltwater fishing and for catching large fish such as tarpon, tuna, and billfish. But it can also be used for delicate casting on small streams. That's how versatile a fiberglass rod is. This kind of rod can also help you develop a good stroke, which makes it perfect for beginners. But if you're looking for a wild water fly fishing rod that won't fail you, then this is the rod you're looking for.

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