What Sets Allen Fly Fishing Trout Reel Apart

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What Sets Allen Fly Fishing Trout Reel Apart

At no other time in history have we had more diversified fly fishing reel options than now, and yet Allen fly fishing trout reel has managed to consistently differentiate itself amongst its peers. Experienced anglers know that despite time and experience being some of the most important determinant factors in fly fishing outcome - being patient and attentive enough to detect subtle movements beneath the water surface - it's also necessary to have quality tools that perform at their peak, otherwise all that hard earned skill will be for naught. 

Hence the more experienced an angler is, the more premium is placed on the quality of their gear, and hence why you'll be getting the down low on Allen fly fishing trout reel. 

Where to begin... 

Allen Fly Fishing Trout Reel Review 

The demands placed on your reel when fly fishing different species and sizes can be "exhausting" even for an inanimate object. If you know anything about fly fishing trout, you know it isn't entirely necessary to land the trout on the reel before capture, so why did Allen dedicate a whole series to them? Simple. Because the trout series was designed to persevere even when used with fishes other than trout - carp and bass alike. Here are the specs for Allen fly fishing trout reel. 


Allen's trout reel was made from stainless steel and 6061 bar stock aluminium all through. To save manufacturing costs, many firms have been known to replace several mechanical parts of the reel with plastic, which as you can guess will lead to less than stellar performance. But like Allen's, reels made from high grade aluminium and stainless steel are known to perform consistently while resisting extreme use. 

Something else you should bear in mind when it comes to materials is that reels manufactured abroad, especially the ridiculously cheap ones, are made using cheap technology which can affect the reel's precision. Reels made in the US, like the Allen fly fishing trout reel, use a computer Numeric Controlled machine for better precision. 


Allen used a carbon cork disc drag system for their trout reel. The disc drag system is bearing-less meaning it has a retrieve and click mechanism that makes it stupidly simply to operate, without compromising longetivity. 


This Allen fly fishing trout reel features a rather unique spool with large arbor dimensions and spool capacity so there's lots of backing room. It's equipped with a handle that allows you easily switch from left to right for reprieve. 


Despite being on the high-end scale of reels, this trout reel is surprising less costly that most high-ends. With reels, unless you plan on replacing it every fly fishing trip, it's always better to get one that's worth your while (not ridiculously over priced, just on the average side of costs, unless you're into your gear) otherwise you'll be disappointed to end your fly fishing expedition without both a catch and a gear. 

With regards to design, Allen fly fishing trout reel is available in a few choice colors, gunmetal blue, green and silver. Yeah. It looks good and works good.

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