What should you prepare before go trouts fly fishing?

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What should you prepare before go trouts fly fishing?

In trouts fly fishing, it is important to know where the trout is in the water you want to catch. The term used to describe where trout lives are called trout lies.

You will find three major factors that affect trout.

1. They need to be protected from attacks by their predators. Eagles, hawks, and other raptors descend from the sky.

2. Fish need to find a place where food can be found, such as small min fish and insects.

3. Trouts need a good shelter to keep them away from strong constant currents.

For trout, if he has to swim in a strong current for a long time, he will be tired. Therefore, you will often find fish behind things such as boulders and logs, which will disrupt their water flow.

From behind these currently broken objects, they will be able to rush out and catch unchecked prey, which will drift or swim past.

In addition to shelters, trouts need to be placed in a place that can protect them from natural enemies. They like deep water or rough water, where predators cannot see them. In addition, trout will rely on things that can cover up and protect them.

Such places may be deep pools, logs, or even undercut banks of streams. You may see small trout foraging in shallows away from any shelters, but only close to them, large trouts will not do this kind of thing.

Trout Fly Fishing Reels

Most flywheels you will consider for trout fishing are single-action wheels. Every turn, you will get a lot of loops. In contrast, rotating reels usually have a much larger ratio than 4-6: 1, or the wire rotates 4 to 6 revolutions per revolution. Retrieving lines from a single-action reel depends largely on how many lines were on the reel at the time. Adding support (more on this later) helps keep the number of rows.

When buying a flywheel, there are a few things to look for:

The line width of reel design

When fishing for trout, a 5, 6, or 7-pound line is usually used. Fortunately, there are many fly rolls rated at 5-7lb. Some can even easily switch the spool.

Line retrieval system.

Obviously, the spool will have a manual (aka you) thread retrieval system. Some manufacturers have automatic retrieval systems on their flywheels. This means that when you press a button, the line will automatically return. This may be convenient, but when you try to introduce a fish, using it may make you lose some feeling, and may make you lose precious fish, thus limiting your device weight.


Most flywheels have adjustable resistance. It will drag the line, but will not give you adjustability. If you need more resistance, you can apply some pressure to the reel by hand. There are some high-end flywheels that provide adjustable drag but are more common in models rated for higher pounds.

Easy to replace the spool

As we browse the online section, you will understand why having multiple spools is an important part of a good fly fishing platform.

Knowing where the trout is and where to find them will enable a person to identify where the trout is. Trout has three kinds of holding lies-deep holes, eddies, and springs below the point.

It can be noticed that deep holes are dark areas in the river bed. Trouts use them to escape strong currents. On the other hand, eddies below the point, such as the edge of a boulder, may form a slack pool, and sometimes even cause a counter-current pool, where many trouts are often found there.

The final demand for trout is food that meets its needs. Trout food seems to follow a certain formula-the food they eat must be able to provide them with more energy before they can catch their prey.

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