5 Questions About Popper Flies

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1. When fly fishing with popper flies, is there any particular skills to learn with the rod ?
Yes, especially when you’re fishing with a long rod like for example a 9 feet long. It’s important to take profit of a long rod to make the popper action by lifting the tip of the rod after you made your cast. Do it carefully to have a little flick with it and do not pull the fly out of water.


2. Where is the best place to land our poppers ?
Another important point is to know the fishing spot well, Poppers are efficient when you land them where the fish is used to be. You should practice the following skill : Put your popper few feet (approximately 4) next to your targeted fish, that’ s a better way to attract them and to get strikes quickly, it could take time to learn how to do it correctly.

3. How our poppers should move ?
You have to vary the pace, fish especially bass are more sensitive to it. Let the fly sit, insert pauses to attract them, freshwater bass are used to strike during those pauses, vary the time of pauses for example start with a quick pause then longer ones.

4. Can we often fly fish with poppers ?
Yes, popper flies can be always useful during your fly fishing adventures we recommend you to always keep one with you that you can use every time you see a good spot for it : stump, shade line, laydown or a dock.

5. How to react when a fish explode on it ?
First of all if your popper is still sitting while you get ready it’s probably not a fish, if you start popping immediately when the pop-inducing snap of the rod coincide when the lure hits the water, then it’s probably a fish.

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