6 Best Fly Fishing Locations in Canada

There is no doubt that many of the best fly fishing locations in the world are in Canada. With miles of pristine wilderness and countless lakes, streams, and rivers, no angler should miss the chance to go on a fly fishing trip in the vast country of Canada.

The sheer number of locations anglers can choose from in Canada can seem overwhelming and difficult to choose between.

Here are six of the best fly fishing locations in Canada.

Fly Fishing at the Bow River

Located in Alberta, Bow River meanders through the Rocky Mountains and down to the prairies. This river is known among anglers to be one of the best trout fly fishing rivers in Canada with its healthy populations of trophy-sized fish.

Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout thrive in large populations throughout the river and Anglers from around the world gather around these waters year-round to catch large numbers of these healthy fish.

Bow River is located close to Calgary, making it one of the best urban fishing sites in the world. Its proximity to the city makes it easy for anglers to find a place to stay while on an extended fly fishing trip to this remarkable river.

Fly Fishing at the Fraser River

As the longest river in British Columbia, the Fraser River flows for 854 miles through the province to the Strait of Georgia. This river is a popular choice in Canada, especially for anglers who are going fly fishing for salmon.

Thriving populations of Sockeye Salmon, Pink Salmon, Coho Salmon, Chinook Salmon, Chum Salmon, Bull Trout Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Steelhead Trout provide anglers with ample opportunity to catch large numbers of trophy-sized fish.

The best time to go fly fishing for trout on the Fraser River is from March to November, with the summer to mid-fall months as a sweet spot. A salmon fly fishing trip is best started between July and November.

Fly Fishing at the Grand Cascapedia River

The Cascapedia River of Quebec is renowned for its prime Atlantic Salmon fly fishing opportunities. This largely undeveloped 75-mile river is home to thriving populations of the most enormous salmon found in Canada.

Anglers can catch Atlantic Salmon that average 20 pounds, with the added chance to snag giant specimens that weigh in at over 40 pounds.

This remote river is the ideal fly fishing destination for anglers who are staying at the Salmon Lodge or embarking on a private guided fishing trip.

Fly Fishing at the Tree River

At a remote location in Northern Canada, Nunavut’s Tree River is far away from the city but is world-renowned for its Arctic Char fly fishing. This pristine river flows from the Inuvik Lake and down to the Coronation Gulf and offers anglers a peaceful fly fishing destination.

Arctic Char in the Tree River is large, averaging about 10 to 18 pounds with the opportunity to catch a trophy-sized fish much bigger.

Fly Fishing at the Red River

Manitoba’s Red River is one of the most unique fly fishing locations in Canada. This muddy river may not be the most picturesque body of water in the country, but it is considered one of the best rivers for Catfish.

Thriving populations of Catfish exceeding 30 pounds can be found in the Red River. From May to June, anglers can be sure to catch multiple trophy-sized fish in a single trip. Many other species of fish including the Walleye also reside in this diverse river, making it a fly fishing haven for anglers.

Fly Fishing at the Wolf River

The Wolf River of Yukon is home to Canada’s best location for Arctic Grayling fly fishing. It is the ideal location for anglers who wish to go to a secluded unsullied river that supports healthy populations of fish.

Any angler who fishes at the Wolf River is sure to catch many Arctic Grayling. Sometimes anglers can catch up to 100 fish in one day with some trophy-sized specimens exceeding four pounds. Lake Trout and Northern Pike also thrive in these waters, providing anglers with ample fly fishing opportunities.

The Wolf Lake Wilderness Lodge provides anglers with a convenient place to stay on extended fly fishing trips.

Canada is home to some of the most pristine wilderness locations in the world, making it one of the best fly fishing countries in the world. No angler should miss the chance to take a fly fishing trip at one of the many scenic rivers in Canada.

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