A Beginners Guide On How To Start Fly Tying

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Starting fly tying can be a challenging task especially when you don't know the basic instructions or the right materials, to begin with. Most people consider tying as being too expensive, difficult, and time-consuming to get started with. But this is not the case. All is needed to start fly tying is setting a goal, finding more time to learn the basics, asking for help from professionals, and knowing the best type of tools to use.  

Getting started with this kind of activity is worth your time and effort. In fact, the activity is a profitable business to a great many people like professional fly fishing anglers. To some dedicated fly tyers, it is a money-saving technique. An amateur tyer is able to produce some few flies for personal use each season, and a commercial or professional tyer about 40,000 flies each year for sale.  

In this guide, we focus on how to get started with fly tying in an easy way, either for business or as a hobby.  

What You Need To Do To Start Tying Right Away  

Access the necessary tools and materials. Although this is not easy for a beginner, you can begin by asking people in your place the best kind of tools and materials to use. You can also research on the internet or going to the nearest shop where tying materials are sold. This is an excellent way to understanding how to start fly tying.  
Find time.

Time is what most people don't have. If you really want to be a good fly tyer, then you must invest your time practicing and learning how to use materials and the tools used to tie flies.   

Start small.

Don't start at a higher level. Accept your beginner status to avoid complicating things. Use materials and tools that are meant for beginners and not professionals. Get a guide such as a YouTube video or a book to get you started. At the end of this guide, you will know what you need to do as a complete beginner in fly tying activities.  

Tools You Need To Start Tying Flies  

There are many different varieties of tools used to tie flies. But most of them are needed as one gains more experience in fly tying. For the beginner level, the following tools are necessary in order to understand clearly how to start fly tying.     

- This is a must-have tool. It helps in tying or tightening other materials used in fly tying such as feathers or hackles.     
Vise - This is another great tool. It holds the hook firmly when you want to wind materials round it such as a thread.    

Bodkin-Needle - This helps in sewing materials.

When applying glues and cement, or working with circular castings, or even picking our dubbing, this tool is a must.    
Bobbin - This is necessary for holding threads when tying flies. It also locks and winds materials about the hook.    
Whip-Finisher - This offers a more durable and easier way to finish the fly. It ties off the fly heads with knots that are half hitched.     
Scissors - Very useful when it comes to cutting materials used in fly fishing such as threads.  

The Most Important Kits You Should Have   
Knowing how to start fly tying completely is a process. You need to follow many instructions as you use a wide range of tools. The following are some of the kits you need as a beginner to start your fly fishing journey. The kits are worth to buy.  

Loon Tool Kit 
This is one of the best kits for beginners to understand how to start fly tying. It is made completely for novices. It is unique and comes with high-quality and durable tools. You will not need to replace any tools as this kit comes with all the necessary equipment. It is a good option and worth a try. You can buy this tool on Amazon via this link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0789RPYPZ  

Orvis Tool Kit  
Regardless of being expensive, this tool is exceptionally good for a complete beginner. It comes with all the necessary tools that are decent, high-quality, and very durable. You can hardly find such tools in many tool kits that are sold in the market today. Additionally, it comes with a user guide in the form of a DVD. The video is high-quality and teaches beginners everything they need to know on how to start fly tying.   

Cabela's Standard Tool Kit 
 If you are on a limited budget, this fly tying tool kit is a better option. It comes with all the instruments needed to tie flies. However, it doesn't come with the materials - only the tools. This means you have to buy materials in separate. For a beginner, this tool is good to get started with fly tying. Most individuals start with such a tool and get very far.  

Fly tying is a great activity and understanding all the basic requirements, along with great practice every day, can elevate your skills to a professional fly fishing level. As a beginner, there are specific flies you need to start with in order to know completely how to start fly tying. Some of them include the Zebra-Midge, Woolly Bugger, and San-Juan worm. That being said, we hope this guide will help you achieve the best out of your fly fishing activities.

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