Abel fly fishing pliers

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Abel fly fishing pliers

Is your fly fishing chest pack loaded with tools that make you spend too much time doing a simple task or those that complete the task ineffectively? If it is, then you are probably not including the best tools. You'll probably want to ditch such tools and get only those that give you value. You are going to have a much better time on the water. A good pair of fishing pliers is indisputably a necessity. And for this one, look out for Abel fly fishing pliers. 

Features of a good fly fishing plier 

- Construction material: if you have used pliers before, you definitely know how essential it is to have one that doesn't rust. A good fishing plier should be made of corrosion resistant material. Besides, the material should be strong enough not to bend when used under pressure or great force. Aluminum alloys are the best combination of extreme strength and corrosion resistance ability. 

- Nose length: good pliers should have a nose that is about a needle long. With a needle length, you can comfortably go for an extra length in the fish mouth when removing a hook. 

- Cutting options: good pliers should have a line cutter as well as a side cutter. Line cutters are very useful when cutting monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided lines. Side cutters are helpful in cutting hooks, steel wire, etc. Both types of cutters should be strong. 

- Portability: nobody wants pliers that weigh down the chest pack. Fly fishing pliers should be lightweight, comfortable, and easy to move around with. 

- Versatility: anglers do not only use pliers for cutting hooks. Therefore a good pair of pliers should be versatile enough to perform different tasks.

- Ergonomics and comfort: Good pliers should have a comfortable ergonomic design so that it fits comfortably in the hands of the angler.

The Abel fly fishing pliers 

For several reasons, the world of fly fishing recognizes the able pliers as one that gives the best value for your money. Anglers want tough, durable, functional, and lightweight pliers that can cut wire, braided lines, and monofilaments for several years. That's precisely what the Abel pliers offer. Its conveniently built handle allows for that comfortable grip as you perform these tasks. Although these pliers are the largest type made by the Abel Company, their weight is only 41 ounces. Thanks to the lightweight aluminum used in its manufacture that we also praise for the toughness and corrosion resistance of these pliers. 

Not enough can be said about the Abel cutters- sharp, and strong cutting edges that cut through any type of material. Additionally, it has a good jaw size that enables efficient cutting even on bigger flies. Another interesting thing about this jaw is that it is replaceable. In case it gets worn out you can get a new jaw rather than suffering the cost of buying an entire pair of pliers. You can do the replacement by yourself or you could even send the pliers back to its manufacturers to do the replacement for you. Why would you need the Abel fishing pliers?

No matter the type of fishing you do, you'll need a pair of priers. They are especially important when you are fishing in stocked or protected waters. Some purposes of the pliers include:

- Cutting hooks and lines

There are times when you can remove a hook from a fish and there are those times when it's best to leave the hook in a fish's mouth. This is because trying to remove the hook can damage the fish by tearing its body part thus reducing its chances of survival. 

Hooks can sometimes get stuck in a fish mouth necessitating the need to cut the hook. Cutting the hook manually can be difficult and that's where the need for pliers comes in as they make the process more effective and efficient. As a way of conserving the fishery, you'll need pliers if you don't want to damage your fish.

If you catch a fish that maybe you didn't want due to size or any other aspect, you might want to let the fish go by getting the hook out of its mouth without causing any harm to its body. Doing so helps in promoting healthy fishing as well as propagating fish populations. 

Hooks that are left inside the fish mouth usually fall off on their own. But before they fall off, they might rust and exacerbate fish problems. For this reason, you must be keen to use hooks that are made of stainless steel or any other material that is corrosion resistant. 

You'll also need some pliers to cut unwanted parts of the fly line

- Crimping 

Crimping, as used in fly fishing, simply means tightening. Being one of the most present tools in the world of fly fishing, pliers are used to tightening hooks so that your fish doesn't swim away with your loosely tied hook. Un-crimped connections often result in loss of fish. 

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