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Andy Burk fly fishing

Have you ever heard of Andy Burk fly fishing? Andy's expertise has brought remarkable changes in the fly fishing industry due to his knowledge and experience in fly tying. It's beyond doubt that the majority of fishers have had learned a lot from Andy's world of fly fishing.

If you have never heard of Burk fly fishing then I am glad to inform you that what you have a good chance of progressing further in your fishing career since this article introduces you to a new fly fishing world, Andy's fly fishing.

The origin and establishment of Burk fly fishing.

Burk fly fishing was founded by Andy Burk who is a renowned expert of tying flies. Arguably, Andy is among the most influential persons who have transformed the fly fishing sport to the most advanced levels because of his skills and experience. He was born in California, Susanville, a region that had a lot of talents in various fields. 

He developed an interest in fly fishing while he was still a young boy and started practicing fly tying skills while he was ten years old. At such a tender age, Andy managed to progress quickly as he was a quick learner and he moved into commercial tying at the age of 14.

However, he discovered his full potential when he relocated to Burnley where he started testing his fly tying patterns in fall river and finicky fish located in Hat Creek. These are the most robust spring creeks of the west.

Understandably, this challenging made him more creative since he had to make adaptive gears that were flexible and functional. He was then employed at Redding fly shop as a fly trying expert for a couple of years before becoming the manager of Reno fly shop which is a satellite shop that deals with river outfitters.

Andy Burk fly fishing magazines.

Being an experienced and knowledgeable expert is also an outstanding columnist that has managed to produce a lot of helpful contents in various fly fishing magazines. 

Andy's world of fly tying is the occasional book that he publishes fly tying skills which are worth and useful in trying your fly fishing box.

Fly fishing is such a skillful sport that is driven by passion, love, and experience so that it can be more than just catching the fish but a career too. The information contained in this book shares Andy's expertise and techniques that a begging angler needs to know so that they can enjoy this fishing sport. An experienced angler also needs this knowledge to up his or her game. This influential book is available on Amazon at only $30. 

Andy's spring collection.

It's in every angler's best interest to have efficient and quality products regardless of whether they are expensive or not. No one likes being disappointed while they are just in the middle of fishing. Apparently, Andy values customers' interest more than anything. He is a committed expert who is set to ensure that an angler gets what he or she expects. 

As a result, Andy's collection of flies are made of high-quality materials. Since he believes in what he creates, Andy ties flies in limited numbers. Since fly tying takes quite some time, he only ties about 500 flies per week.

Unfortunately, Andy doesn't deal with deal orders. I know this doesn't sound good for some individuals, but it's good to understand the workload involved in fly tying. As a result, customers will have to pick whatever is ready, and if what they are looking for is not available, then they will have to keep checking until the time they are availed. However, all his products are worthy of their price and dependable always.

Below are some of Andy's flies that are explicitly tied by him.

The Hunchback Infrequent.

Seemingly, this is a popular product that Andy has specialized in many years. It's a flexible and durable HBI that was launched in 2009. It features various sizes of nymphs contained in a fly box. Good enough, they come packed in an HBI carrier bag that is ended by Andy himself. It's the most favourite nymph that is being bought by many anglers in Umpqua sells meaning that it's a very productive fly. A single fly does at $5, which is very much affordable.

The HBI Midge.

It's also another rising subsurface midge that is proving to be a more useful device in catching zebra midged fish that are contained in deep waters.

The midsize larva hooks are preferably the best bait traps that used by these midges. 

Andy's HBI dubbing.

These tools are made of rabbit skins that are blended with different midges or HBI colours. A full box contains dozens of HBI dubbings that will serve you over a long period. With this dubbing gear, you can be assured of enough tying materials.

The western Coachman streamer.

These are uniquely designed streamers and wet flies that can be used to fish in all water sources. It's made up of a combination of different colours with high contrast that are vital for attracting reticent fish. They are tied using a bucktail style which an old school tying technique. Although it's an ancient technique, it one of the most productive forms that you can rely on catching large amounts of fish. This device is much affordable since it costs $10 only.

Andy's coachman jiggly.

This is the most reliable fly in the western zones where most fishing zones are made up of deep water pockets. It's adaptive in nature and costs $7.

The bottom roller nymphs.

It's an effective check nymphing technique that uses light flies. They are tied with silk skin carapaces and modified dubbing blends. It's blended with 12 colours which work well in luring the fish. They are tied together with hooks and cost $5 each.

Therefore, it's an opportunity for adventurous anglers who like moving around the globe to have fly patterns from Andy's fly shop. With over 19 trends that are listed on Umpqua merchants, you can be sure to enjoy your fishing activity.

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