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There are many different kinds of fly fishing glue options available on the market today. When you step into a fly fishing shop, you'll probably be overwhelmed with the number of choices available. There are super glues, flexible cement, hard-set epoxies, etc. The number of options available can be confusing to consumers, especially to those who are just starting to try out the sport. The use of glue in fly fishing is a new thing. Anglers before never used any form of adhesive for fly tying. But there's a good reason why glue is used. They make things more durable.

Head Cements

If you are to use head cement as a fly fishing glue, then you need to know that you'll need multiple applications of this adhesive. You need to put several layers of cement if you want to get maximum protection. You can also use head cement in flies if you're dealing with buck-tail, calf-tail fibers, or other hard-to-use materials. If you're working with these kinds of materials, you need strong thread pressure to hold the material in place. You can also put a few drops of head cement at the tie-in point instead of just tying the thread if you want a better way to keep it in place. 

Flexible Cement

The use of flexible cement is relatively new. This is why it's not very popular. But the best thing about flexible cement is that it has almost unlimited applications. You can use it to fix feathers that are used for wing cases. You can also use flexible cement to coat the head of flies. This in turn will create a realistic and durable minnow pattern. You can also coat the entire head with flexible cement if you want to attach a stick-on-eye on it. You can also use it in the same way that regular cement is used.

Super Glue

Super glue as a fly fishing glue? Why not. Most are familiar with super glues. It's a staple in many households. The greatest advantage of super glues is that they have hundreds of applications. In a medical emergency, they can even be used to close a wound. But when you choose to use it for fly fishing, you should be careful. This is because super glues act fast. They don't give enough time for tiers to work. After all, one of the reasons why they are called super glue - apart from their strength - is because they set within seconds.

5-Minute Epoxy

The use of Epoxy in fly fishing has exploded in recent years. This is an excellent option for fly tiers because of the strength it provides. It also has plenty of applications. You can use it to build bodies and to hold materials to bulletproofing heads. The main disadvantage of using Epoxy is that it can be tricky to handle. You need to use it several times before you can master this adhesive. The key is to learn how to properly mix the two Epoxy components.

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