Charlotte Fly Fishing: Laws and Locations

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Nothing feels quite as right as immersing yourself in nature when charlotte fly fishing. The picture-perfect optics alone are enough to make anyone visit. If you're an avid angler, you're probably familiar with the hesitation other fishermen feel when they're asked to recommend their top fly fishing spots. And the hesitation is normal - no one wants to give away their favorite toy/spot and risk seeing it people crowded or depleted of fishes. 

 Which is where we come in. We're going to tell you all the good places to go fly fishing in Charlotte. Breaking it down to the best charlotte fly fishing season, all the way to the laws governing anglers. Let's begin... 

 Laws About Charlotte Fly Fishing 

 Most governments have been taking a keen interest in how anglers operate, not just because they want to prevent excessive fishing, but because they want to promote a healthier ecosystem. In Charlotte, the N.C wildlife - resource commission has a very detailed list of instructions about charlotte fly fishing. 

 The main gist of it is that you can't go fishing without a license. If the game warden catches you, you'll have to pay a fine (of about $35 for residents and $75 for non residents). You'll still have to pay for the actual license in addition to your fee. And, it'll go on your criminal record as a misdemeanor. They're serious about this stuff. The lesson? Don't hold a fishing line or gear of any kind near any water if you don't have a Charlotte fly fishing license to defend you. 

 The reason the government's so anal about acquiring licenses is partly that the money gotten from licensing is used to replenish the local fish population. Hatchery supported trout waters are often stocked from time to time so anglers can actually catch something, not just gaze at the waters in befuddlement. 

 During the stocking period, there are severe fishing limitations - catch and release policies, that imply using artificial lures and single hooks only to fish. Once they're deemed grown enough, you'll be allowed to take between one and four fishes, depending on the water body you're fishing in. OK, that's it about the boring stuff, now to the fun stuff. 

 Best Charlotte Fly Fishing Spots 

To fully enjoy your fly fishing adventure in Charlotte, it's ideal that you visit 2 or more locations one won't give you the full picture. Before visiting any location, decide whether you want to hike a lot, stay where there are lots of social amenities or whether you want the full fishing seclusions experience. Here are North Carolina's best fly fishing spots. 

 #1. Stone Mountain Statee Park 

 This is one of those "I'm an avid hiker, but also love fly fishing" kind of places. The ginormous park is surrounded by 20 miles of flourishing trout stream supervised entirely by the park. Some of the waters, like Big sandy creek, are designated wild trout spots. What this means is that if you aren't careful when casting your fly, it'll end up gobbled up by hemlock and rhododendron living with the trout. The competition for food is fierce in these waters. Rich mountain creek is a little less challenging, so if you're not successful in wild trout territory, head to bullhead creek and the waters surrounding. 

 #2. Mitchell River Access 

 Think Mitchell river, think solitude. It's one of those places anglers won't want to tell you about because they're hoarding the location. It's Charlotte fly fishing haven because it isn't regulated by the state park. It's seclusion will cost you though. If you're planning a day trip, you'll need to pack all the amenities you'll need because you won't find stores for miles once you're settled. 

 #3. Lake Norman 

 Is a social lake. At 520 miles of shoreline, Lake Norman's considered the biggest lake surrounding Charlotte. It's also extremely developed, meaning there are jet skis skiing and powerboats boating especially on weekends. So it's probably not the most ideal Charlotte fly fishing spot, but that's not to say it's impossible. If you're on vacation with other people who need the social environment, you can also duck into one of Lake Norman's many coves with your gear, and you'll be set. 

 There you have it. Charlotte's coolest fly fishing locations. There are many others, but these are your best bet for a good time.

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