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You cannot just take your rod for fishing unless you know how to tie a fly to the rod. But before you can learn how to tie a fly, you must have the necessary tools for all your needs. There are several tools available in the market today for fly tying. Note that the fly tying tools are different from fly fishing gear. The fly tying tools are for creating flies for fly fishing. Below is a guide of the required fly tying tools and how to use them:  

How to use the vice  

The vice should be the first fly fishing tool on your list. The vice is a solid platform for tying your flies. It acts as another hand that holds the hook in place when you are in the process of tying the fly to it. You will require a sturdy vice to achieve this. Sturdiness is the most important feature you should look in a vice because it ensures that your hook is held fast as you pull on your fly and other materials. Vices are available in different sizes, some even with added functionality.   

Hair stacker, hackle pliers, and poker  

These fly tying tools perform consecutive tasks. You will use a hair stacker to make animal hair patterns by keeping all the hair in line before you add it to the fly. A hackle plier will be useful when you'll need to grab feathers to tie them tightly around your fly. The poker may seem unimportant but you'll need to use it to tease out the different materials of your fly so that it gets a more natural look.   Bodkins  A bodkin is a large needle which is mounted on a handle. A simple guideline on how to use a bodkin is as follows: It can be used for separating the fine strands that you want to add to the fly. It can also be used to clean or to rub cement.   

The way to use bobbin holders   

The next fly fishing tool is the bobbin. You use a bobbin to hold the spool of thread so that it doesn't roll out. This means that the bobbin will allow you to put a thread over to hold the many components of the fly you'll be tying. The threads will then pass through a barrel but make sure that the barrel doesn't have sharp edges as they can destroy your thread.   


The knowledge of how to use this tool is just so obvious. Of course, you'll need the scissors to cut the extra thread. And not just the thread, you'll use the scissors to cut feathers or fur and other plastic and metal material. The sharper your scissors are, the more precise the cuts will be. You might want to add a small sharpening tool for this reason.  

Whip Finisher   

You will need a whip finishing tool to properly finish fly tying your flies. You will use this tool to tie a secure knot at the end of the process. You cannot afford to forget this tool because it helps you finish your tying job quick and clean.   Conclusion  Fly tying does not require you to save for a whole year to buy the necessary fly fishing tools. Apparently, there are just a few tools required for fly tying. You can get the tools at a reasonable price. However, be sure not to compromise quality for the price. Remember that quality items last longer so get the finest available.

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