How to Choose Fly Fishing Equipment for Pike?

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Pike fly fishing equipment, is a very important device for every fly fisherman, especially for the beginners. Over the past few decades, more and more people like fly fishing for pike. Pike is known as fresh water barracuda, and its average length can reach about 80 to 100 centimeters.

Because of its tough appearance and ferocious habits, the pike has become one of the world’s famous freshwater fish.

There are four main parts of fitting out pike’s fly fishing : fly rod, fly line, fly hook and fly.

The ways to choose to fly rod appliances for pike before we fly fishing for pike before we fly fishing

The fly rod is thinner and longer than the ordinary fishing rod, about 2 or 3 miters. Its biggest characteristic is light, fine and flexibility is good. Fly fishing because at any time in the fly, so the rod is required very light, long waving so as not to fatigue. The quality of the fly rod directly maximizes the impact of your throwing technique practice.

If the rod isn’t suitable for you in the first place or the quality is poor, it will affect your technical foundation. So beginners, the first fly fishing rod tool for pike do not choose too cheap, not to hard, better flexibility.

There is a good choice for us make use of fly line as fly fishing for pike’s tools
Fly fishing requires a balanced system, otherwise it will affect your throwing accuracy and efficiency. The pike has a lot of sharp teeth, and the fly line should be strong,preferably 30 pounds or more. Beginners can choose to use the Maxcatch fly line,because this line is easier to cast.

Which fly hook apparatus is suitable for pike when we fly fishing ?

Fishing can be done with a 2 ~ 6 band hook or 1 ~ 4 wave pick hook.Pike like large baits, so hair hook can be appropriate some large, too small is not easy to arouse their interest.

Although the pike does not pick, we also should choose the bait, so the pike is interested in attack. Most people choose sequins as universal bait as the first choice of the pike: first, a sequin cheap, hanging on the ground does not hurt; second, it can also catch pike.

The correct way to select flies as proper implements for pike fly fishing

Of course, fly rod, fly line, fly hook and fly, are the cores of facilities used for fly fishing for pike. Besides these, there are some other tools, such as reel, leader & tippet, wading shoes, fly fishing rod bag, scissors and so on.

After reading this article, I believe you will have a basic understanding of the fly fishing installations for pike, and the pike we fly fishing must be more popular in the near future. So you can try to fit out a pike fly fishing yourself.

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