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Traveling and exploring new fishing destinations is a great way to enjoy a vacation and you've got your perfect trip planned, but have you considered how to fly with fishing gear? This issue could be a problem that will prevent your fishing vacation being the perfect experience you'd hoped for.   


How would you feel if the worst thing was to happen and your fishing gear is damaged or even goes missing? This is an all too common nightmare faced by fishermen and as such you need to consider, very carefully, the tricky issue of flying with fishing gear.     

 Is Your Fishing Equipment Allowed to be Carried onto a Flight?     

 It can be tempting to try to bring all of your fishing equipment in your carry-on luggage and make sure that it isn't damaged. That could be a very big mistake, however, which could lead to some of your gear being confiscated.      

With the increases in security nowadays, it isn't as easy to fly with your fishing equipment as it once was. You have to take some precautions, the first of these needs to be carefully choosing the airline you fly with. When you are ready to book a flight, don't be caught off guard by unexpected restrictions or costs, check with the airline before you purchase a ticket with them.   

While most airlines will allow you to bring your rod on the flight with you, make sure you find out what the airline allows you to bring on the plane as carry-on luggage. Will they charge extra? It can vary widely between the airlines, there are no set industry-wide fees. It may be advisable to get what the airline says in writing from them so that you don't face any problems on the day of your flight. Whether you are allowed to keep your rod with you on the flight or if it needs to go in the aircraft's hold, it is a good idea to make sure it is packed securely in a case. When it comes to other things like your fishing line, it may be safer to pack it in your checked luggage as sometimes this has been known to be an issue with the TSA.     

 The TSA's View on How to Fly with Fishing Gear 

The Transportation Security Association (TSA) give the advice that you should pack large fishing hooks carefully in your checked luggage. Small hooks can go in carry-on luggage and any knives or pliers need to be checked into the hold for obvious reasons. The rules can sometimes be enforced arbitrarily by TSA agents so you should try to play it safe or face losing some of your equipment when you fly. The TSA also approves certain cases and locks. If you are using approved locks it may lead to less attention being paid to your luggage and less chance of the lock being removed as it goes through security checks.      

 Fishing Gear Insurance     

It could be worth considering if insurance is a good precaution for you before making your trip. If you do end up with the worst happening, at least you will be able to get your money back for your lost or damaged gear.     


When taking your fishing gear on a flight it is best to play it safe and find out what is allowed before you even book your flights. Anything which could potentially do someone harm should be packed away in your checked luggage. If you follow our simple advice about how to travel with your fishing gear on a plane, you should be able to enjoy your vacation without any unfortunate incident spoiling your experience.

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