How to Make Fly Fishing Lanyard?

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Lanyard are useful for everyone, wearing all your mainly used accessories around your neck to use it quickly without lifting a huge weight are a plus, you can walk with it, move it easily and it’s really not difficult to use, even the most ignorant beginner would quickly see how to use it.
So here comes a question, how about making a fly fishing lanyard ?

It could appear at an easy task to make your own fly fishing lanyard but here is few tips to help you (Thanks for the help of Tim Borkert, member of unluckyhunter.com) :

1. Start with basic parachute cord (no matter the color), a 1/4’’ id latex tubing, and the same size in clear plastic tubing. The purpose of the latex tubing is to add padding around the neck and the plastic tubing is to space out the equipment clasps.

2. Use large snap swivels and clasps, thread a foam bobber onto the string.

3. Add clippers and hemostat, you can also put a fly box on it, be careful with the weight, it should not be an heavy one, a foam one match perfectly.

4. You can also attach a file clasp, to maintain firmly the lanyard on you.

5. Why not doing like Tim Borkert, and add a pouch over the shoulder to lift some indicators, leaders, and tippet, this is a really good advice from him.
“ When I hang it over my shoulder it is out if the way and counter balances the stuff on the front, making the lanyard even more comfortable”.

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