How to Pick the Best Fly Fishing Rods South Africa?

There's nothing like using the perfect fly fishing rods South Africa, especially when you get to enjoy the cool breezes, amazing waters, and green scenery when you get out and go fishing. The fish, the location, and season have a lot to do with what makes or breaks a good fishing trip, but ultimately you want a strong, solid fishing rod in your hands. To fly fish successfully you need a fishing rod that can be powerful and accurate, has good line control, can hook a fish, and be strong enough to fight the fish to reel it in. With all this in mind, let's go over some of the best fly fishing rods for just that

If you're just starting out, there are some great and affordable options when buying fly fishing rods in South Africa. The Premier Carbon Fiber Fast Action Fly Rod is one of the best around because of that amazing value it holds. It's made out of Pure IM8 30T carbon fiber, which makes it incredibly durable and crisp to use. It comes with a pure AA+ contoured cork handle for easy gripping and smooth handling, which also holds a high-density aluminum reel seat that can tolerate a saltwater environment. This product also comes with a 1-year warranty and can be found here:


If you're somewhere in between a professional and a novice or on either side of the spectrum, the V-Gold Fast Action fly fishing Rod is one of the best selling fly fishing rods in South Africa. It has a beautiful golden appearance made from the best IM12 graphite carbon fiber. The rod comes in four pieces and will stand at 9-feet once put together, with a triple-A cork grip designed for medium to fast action. The reel seat is made from aluminum, made to be extra lightweight with elegant gold trim. You have the look, the durability, and lightweight handling you need to catch all the trout you could ever want, so to start fly fishing with this rod you can buy it here:


Last but not least we offer one of the most professionally made fly fishing rods in South Africa that you can get, the Skyhigh Gold Competition Professional Toray Fly Rod. This rod is one of the fastest you can get, with beautiful trim and frame it's made from carbon fiber with mixed layers of the latest Japanese nano resin for 30% improvement in casting. This rod throws a loop without wasting anycast energy, so it can effortlessly reach a great distance. Not to mention this fly fishing rod comes with a high standard smooth guide, made from next-generation PVD ceramic insert rings and an oversized tip loop for the smoothest casting. And if anything ever goes wrong with it, it comes with a lifetime warranty, so what do you have to lose? To get this beautiful rod, you can find it here:


No matter which one you decide, the best fly fishing rods South Africa will be the one you enjoy the most and enables you to have the best time fishing, which is what we are all about.

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