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Fly fishing with a strike indicator can be a very challenging task particularly for individuals who have never done it before. A strike indicator also known as the "bung" is a small floating device that is attached to the leader while fly fishing and it allows one to spot subtle bites more easily. Using a strike indicator requires a lot of practice.   

Strike indicators help to suspend the flies at a certain depth. Trouts move constantly in the water column depending on the time of the day, water temperature and sun intensity. So if you can be able to determine the depth they are cruising at then you have better odds of them spotting your flies and taking them. The strike indicators help you to do this with ease. 

This technique is good for children and individuals with poor eyesight because the bright colored indicators give them an easier spot than watching the tip of a fly line.  Kids love using indicators as it makes fly fishing more fantastic for them. They have something to look at and hence will be able to see bites they would never see without indicators.  

How To Use Strike Indicators.  

Strike indicators come in a variety of styles however they all work in the same way. To use strike indicators you will have to attach them to the leader and your flies dangles vertically beneath the set depth. If you notice that the fish are highly feeding in water, place the indicator about a foot to some few feet from your point fly and they will stay at the set depth. If you notice that they are cruising deeper. slide your strike indicator up so as to fish the flies in the deeper water.  

Is It Possible To Fish In A Similar Manner Without Indicators?  

Most individuals are able to fish flies like the buzzers even without the use of strike indicators but using a technique called straight lining. The technique is as effective as using strike indicators, however, it can be a bit challenging to keep the flies at your desired depth and it is likewise harder to spot the takes. Straight lining requires more skills than fishing the bung. 

 Strike indicators are used in most places, however, there are some Stillwater fisheries that prohibit this technique since they consider it to be unsporting.  

Is Casting Strike Indicators Hard?  

Unfortunately, casting some strike indicators can be very challenging particularly when it is windy. Bigger, heavy and bulky indicators are very hard to cast. On the other hand, it is very easy to cast small, light and less bulky indicators. To make you casting easier go for the lightweight strike indicators.  

Where To Attach Your Strike Indicators?  Mostly, the strike indicators are attached to the leaders just after the uppermost flies and everything else dangles vertically beneath. One can position the indicators further down the leader and have the flies above it. Despite the fact that this is an uncommon approach, it will allow you to keep numerous flies closer to the surface.

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