Should You Get A Fly Fishing Tube

Do you want to know the value of having a fly fishing tube? Then this article will be an ideal read for you. Fishing tubes are quite popular with anglers who are looking for a boat or a platform that they can bring on their trips. But it is another expense and that's why many anglers are giving a lot of thought to buying a tube. If you want to know the advantages of having a tube and how it can help improve your fishing experience, then you've come to the right place. By the end of this article, you'll hopefully have the information you need to make a smart decision. 

Where are you fishing 

Your main consideration on whether to buy a fly fishing tube or not is the location where you want to fish. If you're planning to fish on a river, then forget about fishing tubes. Especially if the river has a strong current then you definitely should not use a tube there. It will be very dangerous to use a tube on a river, even for experienced anglers. If you're fishing on a river, you better get an inflatable kayak, inflatable raft, or a pontoon boat instead. These platforms are better suited for bodies of water with strong currents or even rapids.

A fishing tube is ideal only for small ponds and lakes. It is made for bodies of water that are generally still. You also need to check the weather condition before using a fishing tube. If it is very windy then it can also be dangerous to use a tube even in a lake. 

Choose a light one 

Many anglers like fishing tubes because they are light. It is very easy to take with you on a fishing trip. But not all tubes are created equal. So if you're going to buy a fly fishing tube, you need to make sure that it is light enough for you to transport. The tube has also gone through several changes over the years. The tubes now are made with new materials that are lighter than what we're being used before. So now, it's not surprising to see a large tube that is packable and light enough to carry even on a hike up a mountain. Remember that when you're going for a hike, every bit of weight counts. 

The word packable was mentioned above and yes it would be nice if you can get a tube that you can actually put inside your backpack. Of course, it shouldn't be bulky so you can put other things inside your backpack. Because if you're going on a fishing trip, for sure you'll be carrying a lot of gear. If you can get a packable tube, then you can take it even in remote waters. 

Choose a comfortable tube 

You're going to be sitting inside the fly fishing tube for a long time so it needs to be comfortable. The most comfortable fishing tubes are those that have a backrest. Make sure that the tube is comfortable so your body won't be sore after the trip.

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