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Why is a small fly fishing nets considered a better alternative to fishing rods?

Well, landing nets are becoming a sensation in the world of fly fishing for many reasons. But the main one is because they decrease the risk of injuring the fish or destroying the fish's slime layer during fishing.

Majority of the fly fishing nets in the market right now are made of rubber, which makes them remarkable in that regard. And since fly fishing is mainly about catch and release, you can bet small fishing nets make a better alternative to fishing rods.

What Types Of Fly Fishing Nets Are There To Choose From?

Small fly fishing or landing nets come in a variety of styles, with some offering something more than just retrieving fish from the river or lake. However, the three main types are: collapsible nets, scoop nets and fixed frames and handle nets. Collapsible small nets come with frame folding for easy storage and can easily be attached to the fishing vest, allowing you to bring it to the water quite easily.

Scoop nets, on the other hand, feature a shallow dip net attached to a rector, usually with a magnetic release that keeps it in place. These nets are generally used for river trout and graylings. Fixed frames and handle nets are typically used to catch large fish. Longer handle nets of this kind can be the best when fly fishing from a boat as they can allow you to launch them into the water without leaning too far over.

What Are The Best Small Fly Fishing Nets In The Market?

Well, choosing the best small net for fly fishing is something that's subjective. Your choice may be influenced by your experience or the kind of waters you would like to fish in. Some of the factors you might need to consider when shopping for a fly fishing net include the material (rubber, nylon, carbon fiber etc.), handle length, cost, aesthetics and size.

There are a couple of fly fishing nets that you can consider as the best in light of the aspects mentioned above. These include Freestone Outfitters Net, SF Fly Fishing Trout Fishing Net, Trademark Innovations Net, Measure Net Rubber and PLUSINNO Fishing Net. You can always compare the qualities and pricing of each of these nets before settling on the best.

How Can You Use A Fly Fishing Net Without Harming Or Distressing The Fish?

Having a fly fishing net is one thing and ensuring the fish survives during fishing is another ball game altogether. So how can you handle the fish when fishing with a net to ensure it doesn't get injured or distressed? It's simple. First, try netting your target fish near the surface of the water.

Secondly, be sure to net the fish head-first rather than tail first. Landing the fish is easier this way as fish can't swim backwards.Thirdly, don't chase the fish. Instead work on bringing it to you. Finally, when making the final move to land the fish, don't lift the fish. Instead, slide it in for a landing.

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